When To Choose VPS Hosting

If you’re considering VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting for your website, you may be either looking at hosting for the first time, or wondering whether to upgrade to VPS hosting. Before you make any decisions, it is important to understand why one would choose VPS hosting, and what exactly VPS hosting is.

Most websites will start life on a shared server, unless they know from the beginning that they will be building a resource heavy website. However, after a while you may begin to wonder if the shared sever resources are enough for your needs. There are numerous advantages to choosing a VPS over a shared server, the most crucial of which is the stability that a VPS provides.

A shared server means that all your resources are shared by the other websites that may share your server space, but with a VPS you own a specific segment of a host server, of which you are allocated a dedicated portion of the resources, including CPU time and memory. VPS hosting is essentially a virtual slice of a very powerful host server which you can scale to your own needs. At Hostek, we never over-sell server capacity; in fact we operate in a highly available server environment and we’ll even transfer you to another available server automatically in the event that your host server encounters any problem.

If you are considering the upgrade to VPS hosting, there is often a number of questions you need to ask. What is your budget? Is your website generating a lot of traffic? Do you need/want control over the OS (Operating System)?

In our previous blog post, we discussed the benefits of speed to your website conversions. Research put out by Akamai and Gomez.com found that consumers expect sites to load within just two seconds and are unlikely to use a site again with which they had problems. If you feel that your website is being slowed by major traffic on your own site, or on other sites on your shared server, it could be severely hampering your business online.

If you are running an SEO campaign to boost Google rankings, then you may want to look at your site speed. Google has previously indicated that site speed (as a result and page speed) is a metric by which they calculate their search rankings, so any money you are spending on SEO campaigns could be wasted if your server is struggling to cope with user demand.

You may even be running a service that requires secrecy and security of your customers personal data as well as your own, a VPS also provides a greater level of cyber security. With cyber security threats growing as the internet grows and we produce and store more and more data, there is a concerted effort being made across the world (especially within the EU) to further expand laws surrounding personal data. Using a VPS server will give you access to a host of tools to help better protect your site and it’s data. Additionally, with your own server, you will have your data completely isolated from other customers, whereas on a shared platform, many customers are on the same server.

VPS hosting is also perfect for sites who require root access to a server beyond what is possible with basic shared hosting.

If in doubt, as to your own server requirements you can contact Hostek to schedule a consultation. One of the VPS or Application Server specialists at Hostek can help determine the best configuration for you, based on your budget and needs.

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