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Either in our homes, in the street, or on the internet, we like to be safe. Unsurprisingly, we will do anything to achieve a feeling of security. One of many ways to be safe on the internet is to use VPNs, meaning Virtual Private Networks. A VPN hides your online identity, allowing you to be completely anonymous on the internet. Whether you want to use public Wi-Fi at an airport, transmit sensitive information or just enjoy streaming platforms without any limits, a VPN is the software you need. Since it’s become a top-rated tool, many erroneous myths have arisen about...
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3 Highly Effective Customer Solutions – Streamline, Security, Load Balancing

Ever felt the need to have expert help in planning hosting success? We speak with many customers with various needs. Our approach is to first find out where the customers expectations are. They may be open for a completely new solution, that’s a huge plus. Their flexibility enables us to do what we do best. Create a solution with the added benefits of high-availability virtualization and even cost savings. One of our strengths in helping customers is the ability to adapt to their needs. These are real customer examples, for privacy we’ve changed the names. As we work with any new customer it’s...
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