3 Highly Effective Customer Solutions – Streamline, Security, Load Balancing

Ever felt the need to have expert help in planning hosting success? We speak with many customers with various needs. Our approach is to first find out where the customers expectations are. They may be open for a completely new solution, that’s a huge plus.

Their flexibility enables us to do what we do best. Create a solution with the added benefits of high-availability virtualization and even cost savings.

3 Highly Effective Customer Solutions - Hostek

One of our strengths in helping customers is the ability to adapt to their needs. These are real customer examples, for privacy we’ve changed the names. As we work with any new customer it’s our objective to help find the best fit for their needs. Even if that means we present a new idea to meet their requirements that’s much more cost effective. We believe that customers should have the solution they need, not just throw money away on something they will never use. 

These are three examples where we helped customers find what they needed and assisted in implementing the solution. I hope that through this article post you will get a sense of how Hostek’s team works with customers and how the services we offer create highly effective hosting solutions.

Solution 1 – Incredible Audio & Video Inc.

Server: Windows Silver Railo VPS
Services: IIS, Railo, MySQL, PHP, ISAPI_Rewrite 3
Applications: Custom built CFML Blog, Custom built WordPress
Summary: Large well known photo & video company with a custom CFML website to showcase their events and WordPress for their company website. Due to the massive images, video and large number of visitors they also required a CDN.

Unique Solution: They opted for Railo because they wanted to keep costs down. Previously their custom CFML and WordPress applications were hosted at two other companies, we were able to help them consolidate hosting providers, migrate both sites and guide their team in utilizing a CDN for their static content.

IIS Manager

By using IIS’s outbound rewrite (img tags) rules we could quickly enable and disable traffic to their CDN (read more about Railo’s integration with S3) without any code changes. By achieving this level of flexibility we were able to provide robust service and easy to use integration with a popular CDN service for their 10,000 visitors per day.

Solution 2 – Large City Web Services LLC.

Servers, Storage, Network:
2 x Windows Business ColdFusion Virtual Dedicated
– 500GB *Bulk Storage (As second drive on Windows CF Web Server)
Linux / cPanel Business Virtual Dedicated
– **Virtual Private Network and Virtual LAN

Services: IIS, SQL Server Standard, ColdFusion 10, Linux with cPanel
Applications: WordPress and custom applications written in ColdFusion and .NET
Summary: Web design company providing city departments and local businesses with custom websites and applications. Difficulties with previous co-location provider included unresponsive support, improperly secured environment and insufficient DDOS protection resulted in multiple days of no service. The custom applications built with .NET also required SQL Server Standard (see image below for edition features) to execute DTS Packages.

Integration Services - Hostek

Unique Solution: For this solution we focused on migration of their key services which included hundreds of sites being moved from their existing cPanel Dedicated Server. In conjunction providing a tightened level of security using a VPN for their team and private network between servers.

The migration spanned multiple days moving one service at a time. Hostek completely managed the entire process for the customer at no cost. After completing the cPanel server migration we quickly moved to migrate all ColdFusion and .NET sites which involved ad-hoc fixes as needed. The customers own team worked closely with Hostek to insure downtime was minimized. They now enjoy a secure and stable environment.

Solution 3 – Extreme Realtors Corp.

Servers, Network:
2 x Windows Business ColdFusion VPS
– Windows Business VPS
– Windows Silver ColdFuison VPS
– **Load Balancing & Virtual Private Network
Services: IIS, SQL Server Web, Coldfusion 10
Applications: Multiple mission-critical custom applications written in ColdFusion for realtor marketing.
Summary: This unique company provides custom tools for realtors for automating marketing tasks. A key requirement were load balanced web servers to maximize uptime and responsiveness. The customer currently hosted at another provider was moving to save hundreds per month while increasing availability by implementing a load balancer.

Unique Solution: We utilized VMWare’s vShield Edge for Load Balancing and the Virtual Wire feature to create the customers virtual local area network. Having two web servers meant that the customer needed a single file server which would also be their SQL Server.

VMware  vShield Edge

What makes Hostek a good partner for Hosting Solutions?

When we’re asked this question, here’s how we answer:

“not only do we provide a platform on excellent hardware and virtualization technology we are a solution company, helping customers with small to large deployments with various requirements.”

Having a webhost that proves you are important 24/7 will help you rest better. That’s what we continue to strive for, making sure customers are well cared for.

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*Bulk Storage, SAN based storage for standard I/O uses.
NOTE: Premium Storage is the default storage for all VPS hosting plans. This is SAN storage (fully replicated to an secondary SAN) provided by Dell Complement Storage. SSD is available with all Virtual Dedicated Servers.
**Load Balancing, Virtual Private Network and Virtual LAN are provided by VMware VShield with 10Gbps between servers on private networks.

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