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What Makes Gartner So Good?

Gartner Vendor Briefing Hostek - On VPS Hosting Services

What is Gartner? How do they develop the Gartner Magic Quadrant? This can be somewhat of a mystery. Businesses covet to be included on their trusted annual report. We will share what we have learned from becoming a partner. Why trust a Gartner Analyst? Companies need a trusted source for products that are “best” in the market. They use Gartner for this. To gain the wealth of expertise from their collective knowledge.  Hostek is now also working with Gartner. We presented ourselves to the Analyst in our market Douglas Toombs team as part of the on boarding process. Gartner provides valuable feedback to partners! First off, when...
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How to setup, secure and scale MongoDB on Windows Server

Downloading an installer, and running a through the setup are the most common steps for a basic installation. Even for database systems. But for learning something new, that might end up in production, it’s important to consider how to setup, secure and scale the platform – in this case MongoDB. Last week we published a guide on installing Node.js on Windows and using iisnode to facilitate connections through IIS. Making the same assumption, that as an organization you’re committed to Microsoft Server products this article is for you. For this example I’ll use our Windows VPS server platform. I suggest...
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3 Steps To Scale VPS aka Upgrades

It’s not difficult to know when to scale or upgrade virtual servers. But it’s not often that businesses make a practice of reviewing their strategy. This simple process could save you thousands of dollars per year and numerous headaches. I’ve been honored to listen to hundreds of sincere business owners and developers describe their hopes to deliver the best experience to their users. During a VPS consultation we usually cover basic strategy like determining when to scale or upgrade. This should be an easy conversation. It is sometimes; but why not every time? Differing objectives & ideas. There’s often not one single “right”...
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How Hostek.com Made Studio Tran Photographers’ ColdFusion VPS Migration Worry-Free

The process of migrating a server from one hosting provider to another can be stressful. Most businesses depend on their websites as key marketing channels, not to mention a source of sales revenue and leads. With the risk of downtime inherent in any migration, it is no surprise that some businesses are reluctant to make the leap to a new hosting provider. For Corine Tran, Photographer, Editor, and Owner at Studio Tran Photographers, persistent website and email downtime made finding a new hosting provider essential. Remaining with the same company was costing Studio Tran Photographers money and potential sales every...
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