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ColdFusion 2016 Is Released What Now?

ColdFusion 2016 - What's Next For ColdFusion And Hosting

With ColdFusion 2016 being released almost 1 week ago. It’s had time to settle in and get reviewed. Hostek made ColdFusion 2016 Hosting and ColdFusion 2016 VPS Hosting ready in less than 24hrs after announcement. We caution everyone to recognize it’s a new product so mileage may vary. What’s Being Said About ColdFusion 2016? There’s been several blog posts already describing the pro’s and con’s from recognized names. So instead of writing about this we’ll link to them here: Adam Cameron – “by far the worst ColdFusion release” Charlie Arehart – “hidden gems to uncover” Rakshith Naresh – “Embrace futuristic technologies” There’s...
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5 Standout Comparisons of PHP 7.0 with WordPress & More

Last week PHP 7.0 was officially released. This much anticipated release includes dozens of bug fixes and some impressive new features. See more about the new features here. Most of all we’re excited about performance enhancements. How BIG are the performance enhancements? Zend showcases the comparison between older versions of PHP and PHP 7.0 for popular applications. Their results were amazing.  Magento can serve up 3x requests on the same hardware WordPress around 2x requests Drupal runs an astonishing 72% faster Frameworks like Zend and Larvel also receive substantial gains Performance comparison with PHP 7.0 is 2-10 x faster than Ruby,...
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ColdFusion 12 – Is Raijin tough enough?

We attended the Adobe ColdFusion Summit this past week, ending Tuesday. The event itself was held at the Aria in Las Vegas. This specific location, and Las Vegas itself is known for hosting large conferences. The final attendance was just over 500, with many familiar faces. The conference was kicked off with nice marketing focused video on ColdFusion’s history. Ending with the spotlight on what makes Adobe ColdFusion timeless: “ColdFusion makes hard things easy”. Adobe ColdFusion Summit Keynote – About Raijin The next release of ColdFusion was officially announced. Codenamed Raijin (Japanese god of Thunder). The crowd was anticipating details on...
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SAN Storage – It’s what makes cloud hosting ROCK SOLID..

Over the years at Hostek, we have tested different server and storage options. Our earliest hosting was powered by custom built servers. In the beginning this was an economical option for us. Within a few years and after hundreds of hours laboring to restore files due to failed hard drives and components we decided to use Dell servers and never looked back. Having Dell servers almost eliminated the problematic issues we had with custom-built servers. Having better servers was not good enough so over the next 2-3 years we tested many complementary products, such as EMC appliances and Opensource SAN...
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