5 Standout Comparisons of PHP 7.0 with WordPress & More

Last week PHP 7.0 was officially released. This much anticipated release includes dozens of bug fixes and some impressive new features. See more about the new features here. Most of all we’re excited about performance enhancements.

How BIG are the performance enhancements?

Performance Comparison - PHP 7 Zend showcases the comparison between older versions of PHP and PHP 7.0 for popular applications. Their results were amazing. 

  • Magento can serve up 3x requests on the same hardware
  • WordPress around 2x requests
  • Drupal runs an astonishing 72% faster
  • Frameworks like Zend and Larvel also receive substantial gains
  • Performance comparison with PHP 7.0 is 2-10 x faster than Ruby, Perl and Python!

Check the infographic for yourself here. Image credit – Zend.

Windows PHP 7.0 Hosting Options

If you want to test PHP 7.0 hosting there’s good news. We offer PHP 7.0 as a version within our Windows Hosting platform already. That means you can switch between other versions of PHP, and PHP 7.0. View our Control Panel Demo to get a feel how the version is switched. Hostek PHP Comparisons

PHP 7.0 pre-installed on Windows VPS

The option to switch between PHP versions including PHP 7.0 is also available in our Windows VPS. You don’t need to ask. We’ve included PHP 7.0 in our most current setup process.

Do you want Cpanel PHP 7.0 Hosting?

As of 12/10/2015 cpanel doesn’t have support for PHP 7.0, however they are explaining in this post that it will be available soon.

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