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Windows Shared Hosting for Dummies

Windows Shared Hosting is great for personal and business use! You can even 1 click install WordPress! Find out more advantages of using a shared server! Choosing the right hosting plan may not sound like an important decision, but it actually is. Even a small mess could result in massive downtime and loss of business. There are plenty of solutions on the market, and siding with the right one might have a significant impact. One of the critical factors to consider when choosing your shared hosting is the operating system. Most computers run on Windows OS, so Windows-based servers are...
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WordPress Optimized Hosting vs WordPress Shared Hosting: Which one to choose?

WordPress is a very flexible and easy-to-use content management system that is increasingly used by large and small companies and individuals. It is a very popular system because it is entirely free, it is available on the web, and its installation is very easy to do.  However, businesses are often left with two choices – to pick a WordPress optimized hosting (or managed hosting), or a WordPress shared hosting.  In this blog post, we’ll see what these two can offer. Both have their advantages and use cases which we will check today. What is WordPress hosting? WordPress Hosting is a web...
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