Security Audit

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Hostek Security Audit

Our Security audits are much different than what you would find on the internet. Because we have direct access to your servers, we are able to test more thoroughly.

Security audits are an important step in hardening your VPS. Regular scans help you set a security base-line, by showing which software and the versions of said software installed upon your VPS.

Software (and Operating Systems) require regular patching and updates to ensure the best levels of security - and to some degree - performance is maintained.

Standard Audit

Our Standard Security Audit is suitable for most customers. We perform several audit checks against your server, the OS, and the software installed. Regular security auditing shows you what is running on your server(s), the updated levels, and any vulnerabilities your software or OS may be susceptible to. We include a trained staff member to read and report back to you the contents of the audit report. We provide options to remediate any server-side issues and work with you to explain any changes your team may need to address. Standard Audit reports work best when configured for a repeated quarterly scan.

Hostek Security Audit Comparison

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  • Standard
  • Advanced

What’s include

0S Updates -
Installed Software -
Software Version Checking -
Software Vulnerabilities -
Protocol & Port Vulnerabilities -
SSL Validation -
Ciphers & Cryptography -
rDNS -
User Group Validation -
Shared Folder Enumeration -