ColdFusion 2016 Is Released What Now?

ColdFusion 2016 - What's Next For ColdFusion And Hosting

With ColdFusion 2016 being released almost 1 week ago. It’s had time to settle in and get reviewed. Hostek made ColdFusion 2016 Hosting and ColdFusion 2016 VPS Hosting ready in less than 24hrs after announcement. We caution everyone to recognize it’s a new product so mileage may vary.

What’s Being Said About ColdFusion 2016?

There’s been several blog posts already describing the pro’s and con’s from recognized names. So instead of writing about this we’ll link to them here: Adam Cameron – “by far the worst ColdFusion release” Charlie Arehart – “hidden gems to uncover” Rakshith Naresh – “Embrace futuristic technologies” There’s quite a variation of opinions in the above articles. Of course we’re excited to see Adobe ColdFusion mature. We hope the direction is in conjunction with what developers will get excited about and make use of. ColdFusion ultimately has stood out among other languages for being simple. New focus like strong emphasis on “API” creation and management seem like a new direction.

What’s Going Bye Bye

There’s a few items getting the axe. We can’t complain, in particular they were either unnecessary or a hassle – flash remoting for example. There’s two categories of features that are soon to be removed: the deprecated list and the deprecated and unsupported list. The latter will be the features to be removed later. We believe that this is a great sign. Because on a positive note the ColdFusion team is focusing in on features they believe carry the weight for future developers. At ColdFusion Summit in late 2015, developers were asking for modularization, it may not be happening yet but this is a great step to clean house. For supporters of legacy apps, this might be a line in the sand for much needed updates. We’re often surprised by the number of folks who are still using ColdFusion 8! We’ve created a shortlist deprecated & unsupported here, but you can view the full list here.

Deprecated in ColdFusion 2016:

  • Event gateway – Jabber, Flash Media server
  • Server Monitor
  • cftable
  • ColdFusion System Probes
  • cfchart- format flash
  • cffileupload Flash component
  • cfmediaplayer

Deprecated AND Unsupported in ColdFusion 2016:

  • Flash forms
  • UI Tags based on YUI toolkit – cftree, cfcalendar, cfautosuggest, cfmenu
  • Portlets
  • Report Builder
  • XML Forms
  • cfapplet
  • cfsprydataset
  • LCDS Integration
  • CORBA Integration
  • AIR Integration
  • cfslider, cftree, and cfgrid format = “applet”
  • cfpresentation for flash presentation
  • cfdocument for flashpaper
  • ColdFusion actionscript functions (CF.query, CF.http)

Upgrades and Using ColdFusion 2016 Today

We certainly want our customers to have the latest features and versions of ColdFusion. With any new product be sure your website or app will work on ColdFusion 2016. If you are interested in how to upgrade from ColdFusion 10-11 (or even earlier… we have migrated thousands from CF8/9) to ColdFusion 2016 you can find steps on upgrading ColdFusion here. All our ColdFusion VPS Hosting plans get free updates to the latest version, but only update if you have tested first. If you’re considering or want to test ColdFusion 2016 you might try the FREE MONTH available on our ColdFusion 2016 Shared Hosting plans.

ColdFusion 2016 and Beyond

We’re excited to see ColdFusion get pruned of old features. This might cause problems, but we also believe that holds potential for more improvements in the future.

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