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What Type of Hosting Do You Need?

What Type of Hosting Do You Need? If you decide to build your own website, you’ll need three things: a domain name, content for your site and, last but not least, web hosting. For first-time website owners, deciding on which type of web hosting you should choose can be tricky. Especially when you start to read about each and every type of it. Fortunately, once you figure out the differences between them, you should quickly learn which type will be the best for your website. What is web hosting? Think about your website as a digital file. For its storing...
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A ColdFusion Server: A Marketing Gimmick Or A Huge Opportunity?

ColdFusion is often overlooked as an option in the server arena. It may be due to its name sounding like a virus you’d get from a dubious website or because some people still think it is dated technology. But for those willing to look past their initial impressions, ColdFusion is well worth further investigation. Here’s a guide to help you decide if using a ColdFusion server for your next project is a marketing gimmick or a huge opportunity.  For those who are unaware of ColdFusion, let’s start with the basics.  What is a ColdFusion?  ColdFusion is a rapid application development...
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ColdFusion 2016 Is Released What Now?

ColdFusion 2016 - What's Next For ColdFusion And Hosting

With ColdFusion 2016 being released almost 1 week ago. It’s had time to settle in and get reviewed. Hostek made ColdFusion 2016 Hosting and ColdFusion 2016 VPS Hosting ready in less than 24hrs after announcement. We caution everyone to recognize it’s a new product so mileage may vary. What’s Being Said About ColdFusion 2016? There’s been several blog posts already describing the pro’s and con’s from recognized names. So instead of writing about this we’ll link to them here: Adam Cameron – “by far the worst ColdFusion release” Charlie Arehart – “hidden gems to uncover” Rakshith Naresh – “Embrace futuristic technologies” There’s...
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Becoming A Developer With Purpose Greater Than Money

This is a Flashback Friday mashup. Supporting your stack and approaching development with a purpose greater than money. This might sound like an appeal to create for your favorite charity. But it’s not. We’re talking about the ethereal experience when how you do things is buzzing nicely. Tools, Tricks & Hack Your Way Happy The first time I saw someone using emacs (a living text editor) my heart skipped a beat. Did I learn how to use it? No. But it looked unreal when used by a knowledgeable developer. The same thing happened with Vim, and lately markdown (text styling) and Sublime...
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