Three Reasons to Choose Shared Web Hosting for Your Business

In the world of web hosting services, you can choose from many different options, each of which has its own appealing features. From shared hosting solutions, through virtual private server (VPS) hosting, to dedicated sever hosting, individuals and organizations looking to get online are often expected to guess which type of web hosting plan they need before they are able to see how their web presence will develop.

Shared web hosting solutions are the default choice for most people who are just starting out with launching their own website. They require little technical expertise to operate, particularly with the advent of automated script installers to run common applications such as WordPress. They are also, by far, the most affordable form of hosting available as multiple users on a single hardware server will effectively share the cost of operation. But with web hosting services being so affordable and a common point of entry for novice webmasters, many organizations are eager to climb the web hosting ladder, moving to more powerful solutions as soon as possible.

Is a shared web hosting solution good enough to support your business and its future growth? What are the major reasons that shared hosting plans continue to be popular? Here are some of the fundamental benefits of shared hosting that can help you make an informed decision about your web hosting platform.

The benefits of shared web hosting solutions

As a business owner or an individual who runs their own website, it is only natural that you want your web presence to run in the best environment possible. You should be ambitious about your growth and prepared for your web hosting requirements to grow over time. However, many users of virtual private server and dedicated server hosting services find themselves using only a fraction of the resources available to them, paying expensive fees for hardware power that they will rarely use.

Here are three benefits of shared hosting solutions that make them a great choice, even as you attract more traffic and serve more server-intensive content:

1. Shared web hosting plans are easy to use

Since shared hosting is the logical point of entry for the majority of users, a shared hosting provider makes using these plans incredibly easy. Whichever plan you choose, you can be confident that you have access to a streamlined, simple-to-understand control panel that makes setting up mailboxes, FTP accounts, and domains a fast process.

2. Shared hosting solutions are managed by your web hosting provider

With a VPS hosting plan or dedicated server solution, you will often be expected to manage your own server, configuring settings and working with the operating system to achieve optimal performance and uptime. Shared web hosting plans remove this duty from end-users, with your shared web hosting provider taking care of hardware administration for you.

3. Shared web hosting plans are the most affordable type of web hosting

Finally, shared web hosting remains the cheapest way to get your website online today. As well as being affordable in terms of monthly or annual payments, many shared hosting providers offer a range of additional features designed to save you time and money, from automated script installers and backup services, to free website template builders.

Discover the benefits of shared hosting with

With affordable, unlimited shared hosting plans and high levels of uptime, shared web hosting solutions help you to keep using the same hosting solution for much longer before you need to upgrade.

Even better, provides a range of flexible shared hosting variations, including Linux shared hosting, Windows shared hosting, and ColdFusion shared web hosting services. As a result, shared web hosting users can enjoy the low cost of shared hosting, with the specialty tools they need to develop dynamic web applications. also offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee to ensure that your shared web hosting is always available. Additionally, shared web hosting plans come with 24/7/365 customer support from expert staff members and a 30-day, money-back promise in the event that you are not completely satisfied.

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