Affordable Reliability with Shared Linux Web Hosting Plans

When it comes to choosing a web hosting plan to maintain a successful online presence, webmasters look for many individual qualities. Will you have access to the hardware resources you need to run exciting web applications? Is your hosting plan equipped with a control panel that can make routine administration quick and easy? Each feature is important – but these details quickly fade into the background when considering reliability and uptime.

Whether you are looking for a shared hosting plan, a virtual private server (VPS) hosting service, or a dedicated server solution, the availability of your web presence should be your number one priority. After all, what good is a rich, dynamic website that is routinely unavailable to your potential customers? Having an unreliable web hosting service is like closing your store at random intervals, without warning your customers. It becomes impossible for them to place orders at their convenience, and they will soon find another company that can meet their demands.

Built around the most popular web hosting operating system in the world,’s Linux web hosting services guarantee at least 99.99% uptime. Relying on the unique traits of Linux to maintain consistent performance and responsiveness, you can be completely confident that your Linux hosting service is ready to handle your visitors and turn them into long-term and lucrative customers.

What makes Linux website hosting so dependable?

Although shared Linux website hosting has many appealing features that make it popular, several of these features work together to provide increased reliability.

First, Linux is an operating system that was designed for maximum reliability, right down to the kernel that allows the operating system to run. As opposed to an operating system like Windows on your home PC, Linux is not simply optimized for maximum performance. Where Windows uses all of the available system resources, Linux by default has a conservative approach to resource usage, holding some of the hardware power in reserve. This means that in the event of a traffic spike that could cripple other shared hosting services, Linux shared web hosting is able to draw on its reserves and remain available at all times.

In shared hosting specifically, one common cause of service disruption is the behavior of the other users who share your hardware, also referred to as neighbors. Whether as a result of sudden growth or intentional misuse, your neighbors may place excessive strain on the server, causing the performance of your website to suffer. Eventually, bad neighbors can cause your server to become unavailable. In the case of Linux web hosting plans, conservative hardware resource usage means that once a neighbor begins to overuse their allocation, your Linux website hosting provider has a larger window of opportunity to act before your site becomes unavailable.

With an intelligent, measured approach to system management, the shared Linux web hosting kernel helps keep your Linux hosting plan online at all times. Best of all, shared Linux hosting services offer this reliability at a lower price point than Windows hosting plans.

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Since Linux is an open-source platform, is able to offer competitively priced shared Linux hosting solutions with a range of value-added features to help you launch and grow your online presence. shared Linux hosting is provided on the CentOS distribution, which is renowned for unrivalled security and regular updates, to remain at the forefront of the evolving Internet security industry. Linux hosting services are available across two tiered packages, including an unlimited shared Linux hosting plan with unlimited traffic, unlimited domains, and unlimited MySQL databases as standard. can also offer Linux ColdFusion hosting.

Every single shared Linux web hosting plan is accompanied with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and disk space on our High Availability cloud storage system. Customers can also enjoy complete peace of mind, with customer support available 24/7/365 and a 30-day money-back promise.

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