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Affordable Reliability with Hostek.com Shared Linux Web Hosting Plans

When it comes to choosing a web hosting plan to maintain a successful online presence, webmasters look for many individual qualities. Will you have access to the hardware resources you need to run exciting web applications? Is your hosting plan equipped with a control panel that can make routine administration quick and easy? Each feature is important – but these details quickly fade into the background when considering reliability and uptime. Whether you are looking for a shared hosting plan, a virtual private server (VPS) hosting service, or a dedicated server solution, the availability of your web presence should be...
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Launch Your Own Web Hosting Business with a cPanel Reseller Hosting Service

Given that the current economic climate is so full of uncertainty and doubt, more and more businesses and individuals are looking for ways to supplement their income by becoming web hosting resellers. By ordering a large quantity of web space from a reputable cPanel web hosting provider, it is easier than ever to divide your allocation into smaller chunks and sell them as your very own, branded web hosting accounts. Best of all, by selling web hosting at a profit, you can watch your additional revenue grow into a healthy income! cPanel reseller web hosting plans are by far the...
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How To Create Dynamic Web Applications With MySQL Hosting From Hostek.com

There was a time when the Internet was full of static pages and all you had to do was fill them with as much content as you want including graphics, banners, buttons, images, and text. You could include a few facts about your business, some photos of your products, and a phone number to call – that was all you needed to turn your web presence into a success. But with the Internet’s evolving technology and more sophisticated consumers searching websites for products and services, gone are the days when static web pages are all you need to be successful...
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