Launch Your Own Web Hosting Business with a cPanel Reseller Hosting Service

Given that the current economic climate is so full of uncertainty and doubt, more and more businesses and individuals are looking for ways to supplement their income by becoming web hosting resellers. By ordering a large quantity of web space from a reputable cPanel web hosting provider, it is easier than ever to divide your allocation into smaller chunks and sell them as your very own, branded web hosting accounts. Best of all, by selling web hosting at a profit, you can watch your additional revenue grow into a healthy income!

cPanel reseller web hosting plans are by far the most popular choice of reseller hosting services, simply  because cPanel remains one of the most popular browser-based hosting control panels in the world. But did you know that in addition to the feature-packed cPanel system for your end-users, cPanel reseller hosting includes access to Web Host Manager (WHM), a powerful administrative tool which enables resellers to provision and manage hosting accounts without learning complex processes?

At, we love cPanel – that’s why we offer cPanel as standard on our Linux reseller hosting and we offer cPanel with our specialty hosting solutions such as Railo reseller hosting, and ColdFusion reseller hosting.

The relationship between cPanel and WHM for cPanel reseller hosting plans

In order to fully understand the benefits of choosing a cPanel reseller web hosting service, it is useful to consider the two distinct cPanel products that make up your reseller toolkit – cPanel itself and Web Host Manager (WHM).

When you get started with your cPanel reseller web hosting plan, you will be granted access to the powerful WHM control panel, similar to the WHM control panel uses to set up and manage hosting accounts. WHM is just as simple, streamlined, and convenient as cPanel, but WHM comes with more advanced functions and high level administration tools, enabling cPanel resellers to create new accounts, decide on allocations of disk space, and generate a secure login for customers to use.

However, since cPanel/WHM is one all-encompassing product, the most appealing feature of WHM is its integration with the control panel that your end-users will see. After you have created an account, an end-user can login to cPanel via their browser and gain immediate access to hundreds of the features that hosted businesses and individuals need most. From setting up mailboxes and uploading files to checking visitor logs and building custom error pages, cPanel offers incredible power and flexibility from one simple browser-based interface.

Whether you are running a hosting business and deploying or managing accounts, or you are a customer working with cPanel to handle day-to-day administration, cPanel reseller web hosting services make life easier for everyone. With the powerful features of cPanel reseller hosting on your side, even the most novice of web users can finally launch their own web hosting service that sells hosting accounts to an endless number of customers.

Order your cPanel reseller hosting service from today

Best of all, cPanel reseller web hosting services make it possible for resellers to add an attractive feature to their hosting to help generate more sales – cPanel itself. Being so popular, so convenient, and so renowned for dependability, choosing a cPanel reseller web hosting plan can actively help your business to grow. provides a flexible choice of cPanel reseller hosting services hosted on the high-performance Linux operating system. In addition to varied allocation sizes to suit the current scale of your web hosting business, can also offer cPanel and WHM across Railo reseller hosting plans and ColdFusion reseller web hosting, giving you the chance to add even more features to your hosting products. also offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 customer support, and a 30-day money-back promise – all at a price that leaves you with room to make a profit!

To learn more about cPanel reseller web hosting with, call 918-392-7870 or visit today.

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