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There was a time when the Internet was full of static pages and all you had to do was fill them with as much content as you want including graphics, banners, buttons, images, and text. You could include a few facts about your business, some photos of your products, and a phone number to call – that was all you needed to turn your web presence into a success. But with the Internet’s evolving technology and more sophisticated consumers searching websites for products and services, gone are the days when static web pages are all you need to be successful online.

Today, visitors to your website demand more. In order to attract their attention and turn them into customers, you need to deploy rich, dynamic, exciting new content that is truly interactive. Bulletin boards, comment forms, blogs, and content management systems have all become fundamental tools in a web developer’s arsenal, each using a strong, robust backend to store data and make it easy to retrieve dynamic content quickly. With the introduction of MySQL and MySQL hosting services, you can now deploy powerful, dynamic websites that attract more visitors and generate more leads.

In a recently published article, Create Interactive and Dynamic Web Applications With MySQL Hosting, market-leader discusses the necessity of dynamic web content, the unique abilities of MySQL to handle relational database management and the endless possibilities of MySQL across ASP.NET hosting, classic ASP hosting, ColdFusion hosting and other Windows hosting variants. The article discusses MySQL’s phenomenal success and identifies the key reasons you should look for MySQL 5 functionality in your search for a good web hosting service.

Why MySQL Hosting Plays A Vital Role For Major Brands Online

Originally developed to directly address the lack of functionality in databases not specifically designed for the Internet, MySQL has since grown to become one of the most popular solutions for relational database management. MySQL hosting enables high volumes of data to be stored in discrete categories, remaining easily retrievable at incredibly fast speeds. The faster speeds of read and write functions to and from a MySQL database means that businesses can deploy comprehensive and complex applications, while maintaining a responsive, easy-to-use end-user experience.

In the latest article, experienced MySQL hosting provider describes the numerous reasons that MySQL has been adopted by market leaders worldwide including Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Facebook. outlines the key features of MySQL hosting services and explains how, using this streamlined and easily understood database management system, you could follow in the footsteps of these Internet industry giants.

The article also illustrates how vital MySQL can be for businesses and individuals who have no intention to develop their own database-driven applications, but need to make use of existing software options. discusses the usefulness of MySQL server hosting to run content management systems, blogs, bulletin boards and e-commerce software, all of which can help turn visitors into new streams of revenue.

Professional Web Hosting From – MySQL 5 Server Hosting As Standard is one the world’s most experienced web hosting providers, specializing in Windows hosting including ASP.NET hosting, classic ASP hosting, and ColdFusion hosting solutions. Every affordable hosting plan from comes complete with a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 30-day money back promise and 24/7 customer support from a team of qualified experts.

Every web hosting package comes complete with MySQL 5 hosting, giving you the dependable data storage method you need to make your web vision a reality. offers a number of tiered hosting solutions catered to specific requirements, with a varied number of MySQL databases provided as part of each individual plan.

Whatever the scale of your operation, and whatever your intended use of MySQL hosting, has a reliable web hosting service that is suitable for you.

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