Lucee vs. ColdFusion

ColdFusion was first created to make the connection of HTML to a database easier. Soon it developed into ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML), a scripting language with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The success of ColdFusion led to an increase in open-source platforms, with one of them being Lucee. If you’re wondering what the differences between them are and which engine to choose, then this post is for you.

Introduction to Lucee and ColdFusion

Lucee is an open-source, dynamic scripting language to build web applications in Java. It is based on the Java version of Adobe ColdFusion. As compared to ColdFusion, Lucee is lightweight and runs faster.

It enables code reuse and higher security and is easy to deploy, manage and scale in a clustered environment. It also offers built-in support for advanced cloud, DevOps, and web application development tools.

ColdFusion is the commercial version of CFML created by Adobe and is generally the more expensive of the two. It has the most features, with the most complex integration, and supports most platforms. It also has more extensive language features in terms of coding help and faster development support.

Pros and cons of ColdFusion and Lucee

Both CF and Lucee have their own pros and cons. ColdFusion has an easier learning curve for newcomers and is highly suited for small business owners and individual developers, providing a lot of features via the Adobe CF-IDE. It also offers some developers more robust language features and easier development support. On the downside, CFML has a much higher cost of ownership than Lucee and requires more complex integration.

Lucee, on the other hand, offers a lightweight platform with faster performance and a lower cost of ownership. It is more suitable for larger companies that require more robust and scalable servers. Lucee has fewer features and is not as convenient for code reuse and web app development as CFML.

ColdFusion offers better scalability, with more advanced caching, debugging, and profiling tools than smaller businesses and individual developers can get. Lucee does offer some debugging tools, but they are not as robust as ColdFusion’s.

ColdFusion and Lucee at Hostek

At Hostek, we offer Lucee and ColdFusion types of server hosting. We have 4 different Lucee packages and also 4 different ColdFusion packages. When it comes to the type of hosting, we offer both shared hosting and VPS hosting. Every plan contains many features, such as unlimited bandwidth, 24/7 support, VLAN, static IP address, control panel, and more.

What is worth emphasizing is that here at Hostek, we focus on your security. Every package includes a perimeter firewall and server AV, which helps protect your valuable data at no extra cost. Contact our sales team for more info.

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