How ColdFusion Shared Dedicated Hosting Supports Your Website

Whether you are launching your first website or searching for a plan to keep up with your website’s growth, there are numerous hosting services to choose from. Many hosting companies offer similar service ranges, including shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), and dedicated server solutions.

But occasionally, a web hosting provider launches a distinctive service. Shared dedicated hosting is designed to meet the unique demands of certain businesses, but because the term is not frequently used, it can be difficult to understand its impressive benefits.

A common use of shared dedicated hosting is to support rich, dynamic web applications. That is why ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting is such an ideal solution for people who develop in ColdFusion, or who plan to use existing ColdFusion software.

In a new article published exclusively by experienced web hosting provider, Take Control of Your Website with ColdFusion Shared Dedicated Hosting, we demystify shared dedicated hosting and explain why the service is so valuable for the ColdFusion community. Read the article to learn about the key features of a ColdFusion shared dedicated plan, including how the service combines the affordability of shared hosting with the power of a dedicated server. By reading the article, you can make an intelligent, informed decision about which hosting service is best for you.

Access the resources of a dedicated server with ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting

For ColdFusion developers, accessing dedicated server resources is a priority. Although a dedicated server offers unrivaled control and the most flexible server configuration, most ColdFusion developers and users are simply looking for hardware power to support their applications. As applications become more sophisticated, databases grow, and traffic increases, shared web hosting is not enough.

In’s latest article, you will discover how shared dedicated hosting gives you more consistent access to the hardware resources you need, including RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. With fewer accounts on each server, you can be sure your neighbors will not monopolize resources and your ColdFusion applications will remain ultra-fast and reliable. However, since each webmaster shares the dedicated server, costs are divided. ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting is affordable for any growing business.

In addition to discussing how ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting can help guarantee great performance, the new article from explains how the service minimizes your administrative workload. With your hosting provider still responsible for server management, you can concentrate your attention on your applications and let the experts worry about keeping your server operational.

If you require a ColdFusion-enabled web hosting service, don’t miss’s new article. It could contain the information you need to find the best plan for you.

Professional ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting from

Even a basic shared web hosting plan gives you a platform you can use to run ColdFusion applications, but choosing ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting is an effective way to plan for the growth of your website and guarantee incredible long-term performance. is an experienced ColdFusion hosting provider and has created a ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting service that combines full server management with generous resource allowances.

Customers can select a ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting plan with unlimited disk space, hosted in’s High Availability Cloud. In addition, plans feature unlimited bandwidth and an increased amount of space for MS SQL and MySQL databases, giving you enough storage for database-intensive applications.

Of course, these plans also come with’s exceptional customer support and service. Customers can take advantage of 24/7/365 technical support, a 99.99% network uptime guarantee, and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

To learn more about ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting, call 918-392-7870 or visit now.


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