Why Hostek Chose Lucee Hosting (You Should Too)

We originally chose to make Railo a hosting option, but that was before the rebranding to Lucee. It’s the same product, different stakeholders, same caretakers. We were one of the first to have certified Railo Administrators on our team, I’m one of those originally certified.

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RailoNamed after a StarTrek creature, the correct pronunciation would be Ry-Low.
Lucee Named after the movie Lucy and Beatles song.

Why We Chose To Offer Lucee Hosting?

Hostek has supported Railo, now Lucee, for many years. We appreciate the open source aspect. For most businesses and end users seeking Lucee Hosting, price is THE factor. Railo had earned a good name. It was gaining attention. We wanted to support this new growing interest in CFML.

What we considered BEFORE offering Railo Hosting:

  1. Was the CFML community interested?
  2. Would it support the most popular CFML projects?
  3. Was the software engineering of high-quality?
Yes to all three. Even at earlier stages such as Railo 2.x and 3.x it was surprisingly stable. The only thing initially lacking was installer support. Thanks to Jordan Michaels those were created.

4 Great Reasons To Love Lucee

Beyond price, overall interest and quality – what matters?

  • Performance, out of the box Lucee is touted as the fastest CFML engine.
  • Easy management, the UI for Lucee is clean & intuitive.
  • Security, extensive control for individual web-contexts’ (websites/apps).
  • Portability, site config like DSN’s can be moved WITH your app.
If you haven’t seen the admin UI for Lucee before, get a Lucee Shared Hosting free for 30 days HERE. OR for a Lucee VPS HERE & in the comments write “FREE LUCEE VPS TRIAL”.

Why You Should Consider Lucee

Besides the obvious benefits mentioned above.

How did we envision Lucee Hosting helping our customers?

Automating the hosting setup/management. That means cutting out the organization of web-servers/settings by providing an easy to use optimized platform. Management is built right into our Windows Control Panel for VPS and Shared Hosting. And pre-installed on Linux/Cpanel.

Did we choose Lucee over Adobe ColdFusion?

We chose to make Lucee our only option for a Open CFML Application Server hosting.

We’ve supported Adobe ColdFusion, as a partner and conference sponsor for many years and will continue doing so.

We support both Adobe ColdFusion & Lucee

Offering Adobe ColdFusion and Lucee is part of our commitment to the CFML community at large. We believe Lucee provides the opportunity to get more people interested in CFML. That’s good for everyone who loves and supports the language.
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