Why Learning New Application Stacks Can Help Your Company Grow

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We sponsored the Tulsa Tech Fest 2015 event in Tulsa OK, today. This was a local event for IT and Developers. It caters primarily to those using Microsoft Windows developer tools and environments. Being a Windows Hosting provider at our roots, we fit nicely. We service all sorts of environments today.

Learning a new application stack can help you specialize & hone your purpose. Learning new application stacks can help your business grow too.


It Helps You Serve A Niche Market

Almost all web-hosting is now automated. To serve customers and clients it’s not only important to have “hosting” but now it’s important to have types of hosting.

If you’re a web-design company, you might be asked to work on a Windows VPS moving new clients files to your platform of choice. That may be out of your comfort zone, but if you have experience it can give you an advantage.

Being a developer that has roots in one language, but dabbled in another for fun or professional reasons have these benefits:

  • Familiarity with a variety of development communities
  • Comfortable with common problems and potential solutions
  • Understands more of the help, support and troubleshooting materials

Specializing is great. Mastering a craft is good. You can differentiate yourself by having experience that helps your clients have an advantage – in you.

We were very glad to support a local conference and excited to meet new people in the Tulsa area and hear what they are doing.

I personally also enjoyed giving a talk on Node.JS and IIS. It was a great opportunity to show how easy it was to deploy a website through our Windows Contorl Panel, on a Windows VPS.


You can get the  slide deck here.

There were so many tracks from REST to business development. But we take our hats off to the Tulsa Tech Fest team. They did a fantastic job creating a place to help developers differentiate themselves.


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