3 Reasons Why We Developed A Windows Hosting Control Panel

When we started Hostek in 1998 there were no great Windows Hosting control panels. It’s our experience that even many years later there were still no great Windows Hosting Control Panels. And there was really nothing at all for Windows VPS Hosting, but this was early when VPS hosting wasn’t as popular as it is today.

We tested many Windows Hosting Control Panels

Of those we tested we found Helm to be the most easy to work with. At the time we began using the Helm Control Panel it was version 3. We could easily edit the source in version 3 to improve the customer experience. It still wasn’t great but it was good enough at the time.

There was lots of excitement around a new version to be released – Helm 4. It was a whole new platform and was being marketed as filling the gap in many areas where Helm 3 was less than perfect. The company Web Hosting Automation, who created Helm – was bought by Parallels. The product didn’t improve. Performance of Helm 4, flexibility and customization was really poor and never got better.

We were unhappy that our customers couldn’t do more of what they wanted. Our team was not able to be as efficient in helping our customers with support, and we couldn’t customize much. These were the reasons that motivated us to build something amazing.

  1. Customers were unhappy
  2. Our team needed better tools
  3. The ability to tailor for specific hosting needs

To be the best hosting Windows Hosting control panel it had to be..

  • Simple
  • Flexible
  • Fast

Hostek Windows Hosting Control Panel

If we lost focus and chose to provide every single feature – it would be ugly and slow. We didn’t lose focus. Our commitment is to be the Best Value Hosting in the world. We’re not doing our best if we try to cram everything in and forget the goals.

So we would love for you to test our control panel and see for yourself why customers and our team love using it.

If you have any questions, please chat with our team at Hostek.com.

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