3 Overlooked Benefits Of Using A Control Panel

We get asked frequently about control panels and if they are included in the hosting we offer. We talked about our Windows Control Panel & why we built it. Our motivation was to make the managing sites easier – for us and customers. We didn’t describe WHY it makes things easier specifically.

There are some amazing reasons to use a control panel for Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting. Some design & development companies want a dedicated server and want to control their server. They will buy a VPS and then find out that a Control Panel for Windows VPS or cPanel VPS (Linux with cPanel) actually costs more.

Adding cPanel to a Linux VPS can cost $13+ per month depending on where you buy from.

Hostek doesn’t charge extra for Control Panels.

What Control Panels Do Best (some hidden gems)

Windows VPS Cpanel VPS Control Panel Feature Secrets

The overhead of the control panel isn’t enough to ignore the benefits. A great control panel like the #Hostek Windows Control Panel, or #cPanel make managing your hosting 10x easier.

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The super power of a control panel can be realized in these three main areas.

Domain Structure

Control panels bring structure. Domains are setup in a similar way each time they are created within an account. Trying to manage domains your own way can lead to serious security vulnerabilities or other complications and make hosting migrations much more work.

Consolidated Control

When you have to manage services through the command line, it’s quite obvious that a control panel is a huge benefit. Everything is at your finger tips and like domains, structure makes things easier. Even complex features are nicely explained and easily configured. This saves huge amounts of time for the everyday developer.

Domain Management Extras

If you’re not backing up your web files and databases, you should. If backups can be configured in the control panel then you’re avoiding some extra cost or time. SSL and FTP management may not seem exciting, but managing them through configuration files can be overwhelming. These are basics many domains need.

Control panels most times have these more advanced features built right in. If your control panel doesn’t you should considering finding something more current.

Don’t Waste Time, Manage Your Domains Automatically

You don’t need to spend any more time than absolutely necessary managing domains. Being burdened with server and domain management is time consuming. Not having a Control Panel can also lead to frustrations later on, in emergency situations.

We believe it’s best, but realize in some cases it may not fit your needs specifically. If you are trying to determine the best control panel we’re glad to help. Chat with our sales team for Shared Hosting or to demo our Windows VPS or cPanel VPS control panels consult for free.

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