What Makes Gartner So Good?

Gartner Vendor Briefing Hostek - On VPS Hosting Services

What is Gartner? How do they develop the Gartner Magic Quadrant? This can be somewhat of a mystery. Businesses covet to be included on their trusted annual report. We will share what we have learned from becoming a partner.

Why trust a Gartner Analyst?

Companies need a trusted source for products that are “best” in the market. They use Gartner for this. To gain the wealth of expertise from their collective knowledge.  Hostek is now also working with Gartner. We presented ourselves to the Analyst in our market Douglas Toombs team as part of the on boarding process.

Gartner provides valuable feedback to partners!

First off, when you’re a partner with Gartner you’re asked to complete a vendor briefing. You can find guidelines for vendor briefings -> here. In short a briefing is where you describe the company and share a few customer stories (that have approved their details to be shared). After the briefing you might get asked questions to clarify the briefing. What impressed me about the Analyst was that he wasn’t bias because we had become a “Partner”. We found this helpful, because he actually understood the market and had some ideas for Hostek.

Gartner Makes You Look At Yourself

The vendor briefings give you the opportunity to hear from professionals who spend all day helping companies find solutions. After the Analyst listened to the briefing he had the opportunity to ask questions REAL clients might also have. For example our briefing included how Managed Windows VPS had saved time and money for two of our customers, here’s what he asked:

  • Q: What type of monitoring is included?
    • A: We monitor for ping but can also create a customer monitor specific to the clients needs, like checking the uptime of a specific webpage.
  • Q: What type of patching and management is offered?
    • A: For Windows we offer automated OS updates. For Linux we update key components, and have a process for automated kernel patching “Kernel Care” as an extra service.
  • Q: Will you monitor and manage specific parts of the customers application?
    • A: Yes and in fact we’re building out new features of our Windows Control Panel to allow customers to do this themselves.

Gartner clearly puts their business customers first, even in their relationships with partners.

How can Gartner help Hostek?

We are just getting started so we will have more to say about how Gartner influenced our product offerings in 2016. We continue to refine our products to what customers meet the needs of our customers and we are excited to have this relationship with and feedback from Gartner.

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