Why Choose Managed VPS Hosting for Your Web Presence?

Establishing an attractive web presence that draws in customers and closes sales is easier than ever. Even managing your own virtual private server (VPS), a web hosting option offering the features of a dedicated server, has become streamlined with browser-based control panels, extensive online support, and software that can automate several common processes.

However, while managing your VPS hosting plan gets easier all the time, it is still a remarkably time-consuming process. For business owners and webmasters, complexity is not necessarily the issue – the real problem is the hours that must be spent working with VPS hosting to achieve the best performance, uptime, and security. Fortunately, there is a cost-effective solution that could free up your time to focus on other areas of your business or your website.

In the latest article published exclusively by expert web hosting provider Hostek.com, The Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting, we explain how managed VPS hosting services reduce the amount of time you need to spend on configuring, updating, and monitoring your virtual server. Across security, data protection, and performance, you will learn about the most common features of managed VPS hosting plans. You will also learn more about the time and money savings you receive as a direct result of choosing a managed package for your virtual private server.

Expert configuration, monitoring, and support with managed VPS hosting

Although the latest technology makes working with your virtual private server as easy as possible, imagine having professional support on hand at all times. Even the most technologically minded business owners and office staff are unable to compete with the efficiency and prowess of a specialist who lives and breathes VPS hosting. But employing a VPS hosting specialist is expensive, particularly when you do not require assistance all the time.

In Hostek.com’s new article, we discuss how managed VPS hosting gives you instant access to high-level hosting expertise, without the expense of employing your own in-house specialist. By reading the article, you will learn how managed VPS hosting services make your hosting provider responsible for configuring your server, improving its security, and updating software to maintain optimal performance. You will also learn that managed VPS hosting usually includes backup services to keep your data safe against malicious attacks or corruption.

In addition to more information on the features you should expect from a managed plan, Hostek.com’s new article also illustrates the major benefits of having expert help with your server. These benefits are noticeable and tangible, and can help your business find online success. Managed VPS hosting plans save you money and free up your time to improve other areas of your business or your website.

In addition to saving you money, managed VPS hosting actively helps you earn more by allowing you to focus your attention on delivering great content, exciting applications, and a web presence that generates sales.

Order a managed VPS hosting plan from Hostek.com

Hostek.com is determined to offer the best possible service for every single customer and to help you get the most out of your VPS hosting plan. Some features that are usually associated with managed VPS hosting services are actually included with every Hostek.com virtual server, completely free of charge. For more complex or custom management, Hostek.com offers a flexible approach that makes expert help accessible.

Each Hostek.com VPS hosting plan is available in a number of tiered plans, some of which leave you in full control of managing your own server. However, higher-level plans include professional managed VPS hosting services for a single domain, while multiple-domain management is available for an additional fee.

Of course, you may decide that you do not require full-time managed VPS hosting, preferring to pay for managed services on an as-needed basis. Get advice or hands-on assistance you may occasionally require with specific managed services available at a low hourly rate.

Hostek.com offers every customer a service they can maintain and optimize themselves. For those times when more complex tasks need to be completed, Hostek.com puts the skills of a professional VPS hosting expert at your fingertips.

To learn more about managed VPS hosting services from Hostek.com, call 918-392-7870 or visit hostek.com now.