Understanding the World of Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Out of all the Internet jargon used within the web hosting industry, the term “virtualization” can be especially difficult to understand. Even after you manage to grasp the essential concepts surrounding virtual dedicated servers or virtual dedicated hosting, the details often become muddled or confused. Understanding virtualization is made even more difficult by the existence of two different virtual server hosting types: virtual private servers hosting (VPS hosting) and virtual dedicated servers hosting (VDS hosting).

But virtual server hosting is not something that should be overlooked. Virtual dedicated servers in particular give you the opportunity to grow your web presence confidently, with features similar to those of a dedicated server solution. You can depend on consistent performance as the result of allocated system resources such as RAM, CPU, and bandwidth, and take full control of your server to configure it as you please. Best of all, VDS hosting is available at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server hosting plan!

In a recently published article, How Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting Can Unlock Your Online Potential, expert VDS hosting provider Hostek.com demystifies the world of virtual dedicated hosting, simplifying the essential technology that makes virtual servers possible. In the article, you will also learn how VDS hosting services work, along with how a virtual server can help you to make the most of your online opportunities.

The benefits of choosing a virtual dedicated hosting service

Even if you are just starting out with your website, you should always consider your mid-term and long-term goals. In the first few months, any traffic you attract will be appreciated, and any sales you process will be exciting. But how many visitors do you estimate that your website will have in six months? What about in a year? Your chosen web hosting service needs to cater to your demands for today, but also be prepared for your demands of tomorrow.

In our recent article, Hostek.com explores how virtual dedicated server hosting plans provide you with reliable hardware power capable of handling even the most popular websites. Whatever kind of content you wish to serve to your customers or visitors, virtual server hosting ensures that your web presence will always remain responsive, with quick-to-load pages and transactions processed at lightning-speed.

In addition, the article discusses some of the most commonly misunderstood areas of virtualized hosting, including the difference between VPS hosting and VDS hosting. After reading Hostek.com’s article, you will be armed with the information and insight needed to make an intelligent, informed decision about whether VDS hosting is right for you.

Get a virtual dedicated server from Hostek.com

Once you better understand virtual dedicated hosting services, you will need to find a virtual dedicated server provider that can deliver top quality hosting at a competitive price.

Hostek.com is a specialty provider of VDS hosting plans tailored to suit your individual web development requirements. You can choose from Linux or Windows VDS hosting, ColdFusion virtual dedicated server hosting, ASP.NET hosting, and Railo virtual dedicated hosting plans, each of which features four 6.384GHz CPU cores, 4GB RAM, and 120GB of high-availability cloud disk storage. These services are all covered by Hostek.com’s 99.999% network uptime guarantee, ensuring that your web presence is always available for visitors.

Hostek.com also provides extensive 24/7/365 customer support from highly trained staff, making extra help available whenever you need it. You can even get a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your virtual dedicated hosting plan, thanks to Hostek.com’s 30-day money-back promise.

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