Scalable Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting with the Power of a Dedicated Server

For anybody who is beginning to understand the world of web hosting, a dedicated server solution may seem like the best type of hosting service available, and unsurprisingly, businesses and individuals sometimes assume that virtual dedicated servers are not for them. Dedicated servers make it possible to confidently depend on hardware power because every system resource is dedicated to your web application only. What’s more, a dedicated server can be effectively controlled remotely, and since no other users share your hardware, you can remotely reboot, reconfigure, or alter your server settings at your discretion.

But with the impressive features of a dedicated server and the lack of other customers to share the costs of operation, dedicated server hosting can sometimes prove expensive and unrealistic. In the early days of hosting a web presence, a dedicated server will often go largely unused, with its processing power essentially wasted on a website that is still in its infancy. In addition, as time passes and your demands increase, migrating your dedicated server can be a slow process – not to mention, one that puts your data at risk. If you want the features of a dedicated server solution without the downsides, a virtual dedicated server hosting service (VDS hosting service) is the solution. offers a range of virtual dedicated hosting services that provide you with a service to rival dedicated servers, at a dramatically lower price point. Moreover, there are some additional advantages that make virtual server hosting a fantastic choice for launching and growing your online presence.

How virtual dedicated server hosting grows with your business

Similarly to virtual private servers (VPS hosting), VDS hosting utilizes a technology known as virtualization. Virtualization allows a single hardware server to deploy multiple virtual machines, or VMs, each acting identically to a dedicated server solution. A virtual server is equipped with its own operating system, such as Windows or Linux, and can be configured and controlled by users without affecting other virtual machines on the same hardware.

Virtual dedicated server hosting gets its name from its close similarities to a fully featured dedicated server solution. Usually, a VDS hosting service provides you with dedicated CPU cores for consistently high processing power, large scale disk space for storing the content you want to serve, and burstable bandwidth that makes it possible for your virtual dedicated hosting plan to cope with unexpected traffic spikes. These hardware features are met with complete, unrestricted access to your virtual server hosting plan, including SSH root access for accurate configuration and implementing changes remotely.

But it’s important to remember that virtual dedicated server hosting is not just a cheaper alternative to dedicated server hosting. In fact, the virtualized nature of VDS web hosting makes this type of service more flexible and scalable than any other web hosting service. As time passes, there is no doubt that your web presence will become more popular, and as a result, the strains placed on your server will increase. Virtual dedicated server hosting makes it possible to alter your server on the fly, upgrading your virtual machine’s available resources to match your long-term development. This is made easy by the defining features of virtualization: sealed, secure containers that keep your entire virtual machine in one easy-to-change location.

Order a virtual dedicated hosting service from today

If you are looking for a way to attain the power, dependability, security, and control of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost, a virtual dedicated server hosting service could be the solution for you.

At, we draw on years of experience in providing high-quality VDS hosting to guarantee that your virtual server is configured for optimal performance and unrivalled reliability. When you choose one of our virtual dedicated servers, you will receive 120GB of hard disk space hosted on our high-availability cloud storage, four 6.384 GHz CPU cores, 4GB RAM, and 4 Mbps burstable bandwidth to handle your traffic effectively. Virtual dedicated server hosting also includes full SSH access to allow you to control your server as you see fit.

These hardware features are matched with service and support designed to make your life easier and your web presence more successful. This includes 24/7/365 customer support, nightly off-site backups for your peace of mind, and a 99.99% network uptime guarantee.

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