Three Rules For Guaranteed Web Hosting Success

So much has changed since the days when all you could get was “web hosting”. It probably cost you around $10 bucks. Now there are platforms for just about everything. Tailored services have a purpose. I wouldn’t want to go back to the days of $10 hosting. But tailored service can be a huge disappointment.

How do you choose from the beginning a set of services, that guarantee your best chances of success online?

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Let me explain some of the clutter, so you can easily cut through it.

Ultra Specific, Ultra Cool & 3 x as expensive

We as a society have bought into the idea, that because providers tout a specific purpose it must be worth 3 x the value. That’s why I stopped using DropBox, their business solutions (multi-user) was just not priced reasonably for file saving/sharing.

Within the more Mature Hosting markets, you’ll notice this assumption:

“Since we offer all three super cool services, we can charge 3 x for all three.”

We didn’t jump on board and price things 3 x higher. We aren’t planning on that either.

Cool doesn’t mean perfect, and doesn’t guarantee more reliability. Google is even cool, but one of the best developers I know dropped the Google Compute Engine, because service overall it wasn’t a great fit – he still had to manage the server (without much free time).

The Best Hosting Solution Is Value Driven

We’ve worked with enough people to know what recipe works for a crew who:

  • Values Their Personal Time
    • Play hard
    • Enjoys personal adventures & time doing what they love
  • Values Their Customers Time and Business
    • Eliminates stress of running online business
    • Follows standards so they don’t miss out on more business
  • Values Their Business Success
    • Minimizes waste
    • Loves seeing their business or projects grow

This group of owners and developers seem to know what works best for them. They build a pattern. Their pattern might include a Windows VPS for websites and second Windows VPS with MSSQL. Or ColdFusion Shared Hosting for development and ColdFusion VPS with MySQL for their production sites.

The Better Way To Create, Manage Websites

I spoke to a IT Manager who was convinced of a specific way to do things. Not because it was proven, because the opposite proved to be unreliable – so his conclusion was the other way must be better. It doesn’t work that way.

Here’s a simple way to look at how you can revolutionize how you host. If this resonates with you, it’s because you are one of those who value personal, customer and business success like I mentioned.

  1. What services provide the minimum of my needs?
  2. Do I have the advantage of their support when / if I need it?
  3. What do they offer that helps me skip things I’d rather not worry about?

Everything we do @Hostek we’re particular about it meeting this criteria. Purpose driven hosting, that fits real people.

If you search and buy with those three goals, you’re putting yourself way above enticing messages. If you need someone to talk to about your project, we’re glad to help. Contact sales or consult for enterprise or VPS solutions.

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