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Is YOUR server hardware up to date?

outdated server hardware

Most businesses want to get the most out of their hardware dollars. That is understandable to a degree since hardware– quality hardware– is not cheap. With technological advances making such incredible strides in performance improvements today, an argument can be made for replacing hardware sooner than later. We frequently do hosting consultations where businesses are still running servers they purchased six, eight, or sometimes even up to twelve years ago.  It’s a crazy thought, but the phone they carry around may be as powerful as the server they’ve had for so long. At Hostek, we routinely upgrade and replace hardware. ...
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How To Buy VPS Hosting Without Losing Your Mind

You want to buy vps hosting but not sure how to compare plans from one company to another. You are not alone. To be successful takes just a few simple rules. If followed you will buy vps hosting that fits properly. Can I Buy VPS Hosting Based On Comparing Resources? There’s dozens of metrics to compare like RAM, DISK, CPU, GHz, I/O, Bandwidth, Transfer, Connections, Page Views and so on. Some companies have their own way to define the “size” of a customer.  If you’re evaluating, don’t only consider these numbers. Ask deeper questions. You might uncover ways to save time or money (like not...
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How to setup, secure and scale MongoDB on Windows Server

Downloading an installer, and running a through the setup are the most common steps for a basic installation. Even for database systems. But for learning something new, that might end up in production, it’s important to consider how to setup, secure and scale the platform – in this case MongoDB. Last week we published a guide on installing Node.js on Windows and using iisnode to facilitate connections through IIS. Making the same assumption, that as an organization you’re committed to Microsoft Server products this article is for you. For this example I’ll use our Windows VPS server platform. I suggest...
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Unofficial Guide to VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Servers

Cloud adoption is growing. The multiple options for hosting, and their variations make choosing the right solution challenging. I found that even community experts were defining Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Servers in their own and often confusing way. Let’s jump right in to what these three options are (and are not). I won’t cover heavy technical detail because that’s not the purpose. Instead we will quickly touch on these three major areas. I hope to leave you feeling informed, and not out on a ledge unsure.   Describing VPS, Cloud and Dedicated Servers Every hosting plans requires hardware. This is the...
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