Is YOUR server hardware up to date?

outdated server hardware

Most businesses want to get the most out of their hardware dollars. That is understandable to a degree since hardware– quality hardware– is not cheap.

With technological advances making such incredible strides in performance improvements today, an argument can be made for replacing hardware sooner than later.

We frequently do hosting consultations where businesses are still running servers they purchased six, eight, or sometimes even up to twelve years ago.  It’s a crazy thought, but the phone they carry around may be as powerful as the server they’ve had for so long.

At Hostek, we routinely upgrade and replace hardware.  We are committed to providing customers with the latest in technology.  I know of hosting providers that buy 3rd generation servers.  Almost unbelievable; but true.

In our Enterprise level hosting infrastructure, we believe both Compute and Storage hardware should be kept up to date.  Customers appreciate that we will not leave them stranded on outdated hardware.

On the Storage side, Hostek has offered SSD for quite some time now. Customers enjoy the super fast performance offered by SSD.

Are you running old hardware?  Schedule a consultation with our server team and we can go over your server needs, help you plan for future growth and help you get started with correct new hardware.  In our Private Cloud infrastructure, you will no longer need to worry about hardware.

Hostek will keep you on new hardware to make sure you have optimal site or application performance.

Are you at a host that doesn’t update their hardware?  We hear about this scenario all the time.  Hostek promises to never put you in this situation.  Again I would suggest you schedule a free consultation with one of our server experts.

We are passionate about providing you a hosting solution that meets your needs.  Consult with us and let us know what you’re trying to accomplish, what’s most important to you, and we will work with you to determine the best way to accomplish your goals.

A couple months back a customer was in the process of moving a few servers to our Private Cloud.  Part of this server package was a MS SQL Server connected via a VLAN to the application servers.  We provided the customer recommendations on the best practices for the database server. He loved the suggestions and it didn’t cost him any extra.  He just got a much better server outcome because he took the time to consult with us.

So, coming back to keeping hardware updated… at we think it is very important.  Additionally, we promise our customers to constantly be updating hardware as new technologies come out.

Hostek offers virtual server hosting on new hardware for both Windows based Cloud Servers and cPanel Cloud Servers.

We take pride in our working with each and every client to discover and deliver the perfect hosting solutions needed to succeed, so that they can focus on their time and energy where it is needed for them to grow and thrive. Let’s take the first step together by scheduling a free, no hassle, consultation with one of our server experts.

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