How To Buy VPS Hosting Without Losing Your Mind

You want to buy vps hosting but not sure how to compare plans from one company to another. You are not alone. To be successful takes just a few simple rules. If followed you will buy vps hosting that fits properly.

Comparing Plans - How to buy vps hosting

Can I Buy VPS Hosting Based On Comparing Resources?

There’s dozens of metrics to compare like RAM, DISK, CPU, GHz, I/O, Bandwidth, Transfer, Connections, Page Views and so on. Some companies have their own way to define the “size” of a customer.  If you’re evaluating, don’t only consider these numbers. Ask deeper questions. You might uncover ways to save time or money (like not overestimating). With only a few exceptions!

Today You’re On Shared Hosting

If you’re currently using shared hosting there’s probably a reason you’re wanting to move. Make sure that’s crystal clear. Why do I want or need VPS Hosting? This will help set the expectations for what you’re getting into.

Finding The Correct Match (price & your exp)

Read this fully before buying the cheapest VPS hosting. The usual instinct is to purchase the lowest cost plan when moving from shared. It’s probably sticker shock. You’re paying $5 per month, a VPS is more! If it’s super cheap like $5-25 there’s something you need to know. By default it might not run your website well at all.  By default means the lower cost servers CAN be customized to work. But that means YOU have to know or learn how. Not recommended for the novice.  To find the right match, using the smallest plan as your base contact the hosting company you’re interested in. Here’s a good one to start with:

If I move my website which is a (.NET, WordPress, Mura, other programming language or CMS) with moderate to low traffic will it run without having to streamline anything?

You want a clear “Yes” on this question. If not, then ask about the next VPS tier up. That’s a simple approach to finding the best fit. Use this regardless if you’re sizing Windows VPS, cPanel VPS, ColdFusion VPS or something else. Next ask:

Do you have an example customer where you’ve see this plan work well? Or is there something that works much better?

The goal is not to overbuy, or underbuy. Either one of those and you’re wasting time or resources.


One of the worst ways to buy is based on visitors.

I have 1000 visitors per day. Which plan will fit my need?

That’s like saying, I have 100 animals to move per day. Which size truck do I need to move them? Without knowing what type of animals, without knowing their sizes; it would be impossible to answer the question with that limited amount of information. Similarly without knowing exactly what visitors do, and what impact that has on the load, you can’t determine which VPS fits!

The #1 Exception From Shared to VPS Hosting

If you’re being asked to vacate a shared hosting account because you’ve hit some limit (disk, connections or other) learn more. Find out exactly what limit. Or if you’re website is under attack constantly, get protection first (we suggest CloudFlare). A VPS alone won’t solve problems if it does NOT address the problem you’re having.

You Should Have These Answers

  1. Which plan minimally do I need for my type of website?
  2. Are there additional things I need to do to get the VPS ready?
  3. Am I really solving the problem with a VPS?
  4. How would I upgrade from this new VPS plan to the next size?

Already Using VPS Hosting?

If you’re already hosting with a VPS or multiple Virtual Servers that’s great. This gives you an idea about where to start. But it can get you in trouble in two ways also:

  1. You believe what you have now is necessary. For hardware and software experts this might be just fine. But sometimes you’re overbuying and it’s just wasting money AND increasing complexity. Both unnecessary.
  2. You may not plan for expansion. Getting the absolute minimum you need means there’s a good chance you’ll be have to upgrade. Or scrambling to optimize like crazy to insure your site is stable.

The same basic principles can be used for buying VPS from a new provider.

  • Build a list of services you MUST have (whittle down if possible)
  • Find the best match based on price and real requirements (be flexible)
  • Don’t buy based on number of visitors

Find out what the hosting provider can do to help you accomplish. Both in scalability for growth, and controlling cost. It’s not unreasonable to say there’s 50% or more variance on either side of average hosting costs. Staying at the low end could get you trouble, the high end might be wasting money.

Hostek – Solutions That Work

We try hard not to overprice our VPS hosting plans. We also add a ton of value by supporting 24/7 and providing patching for our VPS’s. These are things we do at no extra cost (for most plans). If we can help an organization accomplish their mission, that makes us very happy. 

If you’re planning a migration or need help determining how to proceed with a VPS – you can easily reach our team. Easily chat from the hostek homepage or schedule a consultation from any VPS hosting page.

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