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4 Step Visual Guide To Migrate Websites

84% of Migration Projects Fail – 72% of Migration Projects never even get started. The reasons for these staggering numbers? Failed follow through, poor planning in advance and downtime & risk. Most don’t even know when something has failed, and find out from their customers. You can avoid most of these pitfalls with a tactical and easy to follow plan. We have covered the process of a hassle free migration in some detail. Recently a well mapped out yet easy to follow plan caught our attention, though. We can’t take all the credit, one of our customers shared theirs so we’ve adapted...
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Hostek.com Delivers Certified Railo Hosting Solutions with Great Support and High Availability

The open source Railo CFML compiler enables developers to create fast, well-optimized websites and applications that combine various web technologies. The robustness of Railo is on par with its main proprietary competitor, Adobe’s own ColdFusion compiler. Railo is superior to other products in many ways. Railo is free to use and supported by an active international community, meaning that it’s easy to obtain free advice on the implementation of your Railo application. Hostek.com has recently published a new article in the Hostek.com resource center detailing the features of superior Railo web hosting services. The Simplify ColdFusion Application Development with a...
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Hostek.com Leads the Industry as one of the First Hosting Partners Officially Certified by Railo

The open source Railo ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) compiler is a popular alternative to Adobe ColdFusion, enabling web developers to create and deploy complex projects faster and more efficiently. Programmers from around the world appreciate Railo for its wealth of features, speed, and unparalleled accessibility. The increasing popularity of the compiler reflects into the growing number of modern online presences that are powered by Railo. At the same time, the community built around the open source CFML engine is becoming more numerous and active. As a leader in ColdFusion hosting, Hostek.com is proud to support the growing Railo community by...
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