4 Step Visual Guide To Migrate Websites

84% of Migration Projects Fail – 72% of Migration Projects never even get started. The reasons for these staggering numbers? Failed follow through, poor planning in advance and downtime & risk. Most don’t even know when something has failed, and find out from their customers. You can avoid most of these pitfalls with a tactical and easy to follow plan.

We have covered the process of a hassle free migration in some detail. Recently a well mapped out yet easy to follow plan caught our attention, though. We can’t take all the credit, one of our customers shared theirs so we’ve adapted and simplified for you. Use this plan for migrating sites from shared hosting, or VPS & Cloud Servers.

This article is co-written with Jake Hand, our wonderful ColdFusion & Lucee Systems Analyst. He spends his time strategizing on ways to improve service delivery (fancy word for uptime). But most importantly he improves our lives by helping the team understand the intricacies of Lucee, ColdFusion, and their dependencies. An all around good chap.

Why Should I Follow This Guide?

You might ask, why should I follow this guide VS just winging it. Good question.

Workflow has become a fascination of mine. It can provide the grit, including discipline, focus and repetition to get something done. When so many things are constantly competing for attention, it can also lend the strength to eliminate distractions.

In the book Essentialism, Greg McKeown describes how Michael Phelps (Olympic Gold Medalist) executes the same premeditated win, his FLOW. In short, executing steps he’s practiced over and over, paying heed to the mantra “Repetition is the mother of learning.” Taking advantage of this guide helps you use the same approach — experience wins during the migration of your website.

We did all the homework, having migrating thousands of websites. You can download this guide for free, benefiting from our experience to make you look like a rock star.

The Visual Guide: How to Migrate Websites

Hostek Guide To Migrate Websites

[PDF] Download 4 Steps Migration Guide

If it is a challenge for you to find time, or technical help for moving a site we’d love to get involved. Simply email us with a description of your migration needs and we’ll get right back to you. Often times there’s $0 cost involved for a migration.

For larger migrations involving a dedicated, cloud or VPS servers, Consult with our VPS Team. We will put together a hassle free migration plan and complete it for you.

Source: Bloor Research

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