Leads the Industry as one of the First Hosting Partners Officially Certified by Railo

The open source Railo ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) compiler is a popular alternative to Adobe ColdFusion, enabling web developers to create and deploy complex projects faster and more efficiently. Programmers from around the world appreciate Railo for its wealth of features, speed, and unparalleled accessibility. The increasing popularity of the compiler reflects into the growing number of modern online presences that are powered by Railo. At the same time, the community built around the open source CFML engine is becoming more numerous and active.

As a leader in ColdFusion hosting, is proud to support the growing Railo community by offering the best Railo hosting services on the market. The commitment to provide best-in-class Railo web hosting services, including Linux-powered and Windows-powered shared Railo hosting plans, places in a prominent position in the ColdFusion hosting industry.

Now, has received the prestigious distinction of becoming one of the first officially certified Railo Hosting Partners. Railo Technologies, the company developing the CFML compiler, has recognized the quality of the hosting solutions offered by, naming it one of the first Railo Hosting Partners. The partnership will enable to take its shared Railo web hosting services to a new level, with better support and early access to new features.

How will customers benefit from’s Railo Hosting Partner certification?’s partnership with Railo Technologies goes beyond the official recognition as a recommended shared Railo website hosting provider. The Hosting Partner status gives access to several important benefits, including better support and a direct connection to the developers of the Railo engine.

In turn, the customers that choose as a shared Railo web site hosting provider will enjoy better and faster support services and all-around excellent Railo web hosting environments.’s technical staff includes skilled professionals with official Railo Server Administration Certification, granted by Railo Technologies. The professional certification of’s employees means that customers receive technical assistance from the most skilled experts in the industry.

The importance of a properly configured web host cannot be understated, especially when the web server will host innovative applications that make use of the latest features of Railo and ColdFusion.’s special relationship with the Railo development team ensures that the hosting solutions will include the most advanced features and stable releases of Railo. Developers have complete liberty to harness the full power of Railo and create efficient, cutting-edge web applications.

Find a Railo web hosting plan that completely answers your needs, one of the first shared Railo web hosting providers with Railo Hosting Partner status, provides Railo hosting solutions that meet the demands of both CFML beginners and power users. The Basic Railo plans are best suited for first time users or for applications that have little resource requirements. The Silver plans, including Windows and Linux Railo web hosting solutions, are designed for the strenuous demands of production enterprise environments.

All Railo web site hosting plans offered by are powered by the modern VMware cloud platform that ensures 99.99% availability to all customers.’s powerful cloud offers built-in protection against hardware failure thanks to hot failover capabilities and complete system redundancy. The technical infrastructure is monitored and administered by certified professionals who are up to date with the latest developments in shared Railo web hosting.

To find more about the Railo website hosting solutions or to order a plan, please call 1-918-392-7870 or visit

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