Questions and Answers Hostek VPS Hosting

Questions and Answers Hostek VPS Hosting

We offer free consulting for anyone who would like our team to discuss possible solutions for hosting. We usually hear from companies wanting to move existing sites or servers. VPS hosting is a great option especially for companies because of the low cost and it’s easy to get started. We get a lot of questions about VPS hosting. Below are some of the most common answers we share.

Will VPS Hosting Be Slow?

Physical server hardware is shared with multiple VPS’s but the good news is we’re super careful about resource consumption. We never OVER provision a server; guaranteeing your VPS gets dedicated resources. That means we’re not putting users at risk of someone else using up all the resources and causing their VPS to be slow.

What Versions Do You Support?

People still use Windows 2003 and ColdFusion 8 (view wiki on how to easily upgrade). Those are not versions we offer – obviously for security reasons. But here’s a quick run down of the latest versions we offer as of March/2016.

  • Operating Systems
    • Windows 2012 R2
    • Linux CentOS 6.x & 7.x
  • Application Servers
    • ColdFusion 11 and ColdFusion 2016
    • PHP 7+ and 5+
    • .NET 2.0/3.5 & 4.0/4.5 & 4.6
  • Database Servers
    • SQL 2014 (2016 to come soon)
    • MySQL 5.7

These are the best ways to find out exactly which versions we offer today for VPS. 1. See the individual Hosting plan pages: Windows VPS Hosting, cPanel VPS Hosting, ColdFusion VPS Hosting, Lucee VPS Hosting 2. Consult by using the “Free Consultation” link from the VPS pages. 3. Contact [email protected] or chat with us from

Do You Offer Migration Help?

We really love helping customers. We will migrate your site at no cost. If you have more than one website check with our team and we can let you know if there will be any additional cost. Normally there is no charge.

Do You Offer Dedicated Servers?

We do not offer dedicated servers but here’s why. We used dedicated machines for many years. We undestand that there are good reasons to use dedicated. We wanted to create the highest redundancy for our customers. That’s why every component in our network including storage and servers are redundant. Virtualization and high-quality hardware give us the ability to tap into great performance without suffereing from hardware failure. [Tweet “VM’s & high-quality hardware = great performance & less failure. #uptimerocks”] We think it’s the best of both worlds.

Do You Offer These Specific Components?

Sometimes we get asked “Can you quote us for these specs?”. For example:

  • 4 Cores Xeon 3.2GHz
  • 200GB SATA
  • 2TB Transfer

While we can closely match what you currently use for hosting, we can’t guarantee it will be the exact specs you’re looking for. We have found in many cases that we can create solutions that match or exceed requirements.

What Are Options For Upgrades?

The most simple upgrades are Disk Space, CPU and RAM.

  • Disk Space – This is upgraded in 20GB increments.
  • CPU – We offer the ability to add GHz to your VPS. This is helpful if you’re maxing out the CPU or noticing sluggishness due to high process usage.
  • RAM – You can add RAM in 1 GB increments up to 360 GB.

Expansion Options

Adding a second server is a great way to offset a heavly used single server with many jobs like mail, database and websites. Your second server can be dedicated to doing just ONE of the jobs and this will reduce the load overall. We can easily add a second server and a private network between them so you can connect website to database for example at the fastest possible speeds. This is a HUGE benefit.

Other Great Features

  • VPN Client – So you or your team can connect securely to your private network at Hostek.
  • VPN Tunnel – For connecting securely to your network at Hostek with another network, like an office.
  • Load Balancing – Used when needed for spreading out traffic between web-servers.
  • VLAN – Private connection between two servers.

Any Questions?

We’re constantly listening to our customers and new potential clients. If there’s something here you’d like to ask about please email us at [email protected] – or click here to submit your question.

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