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To remain competitive in the modern online marketplace, rich and dynamic content is crucial. Web applications for social networking, sharing content, and even publishing different media help distinguish you from your competitors, attract new visitors, and convert these visitors into paying customers. If you do not already have rich, dynamic content in place, you need to get started now.

Of course, it is not always that simple. Although most business owners understand the need for interactive web applications, the process of developing them can be incredibly time-consuming. Whether your application will make up your entire website or represent just one part of your online brand, and whether you plan to program the application in-house or use an external agency, cutting your overall development time can help you save money and begin recouping your costs sooner.

Ruby on Rails, also known as RoR, or simply “Rails,” offers a web application framework explicitly designed to make development quick and less time-consuming. recently published How Ruby on Rails Hosting Helps Speed Up Your Development. The article will help customers understand the unique advantages of choosing Ruby on Rails hosting services and how the Rails framework can dramatically reduce the time from conception to launch. By reading the article, you will learn how Ruby on Rails hosting comes with the most commonly used functions of a web application, and how its highly organized structure will keep saving you time even after your application is launched.

Ruby on Rails hosting helps you balance time against cost

When it comes to developing a new web application, businesses have two choices: develop the application in-house or outsource the work to an external provider. Each approach brings with it unique benefits. Development in-house is the most affordable choice, but using an external expert that specializes in web development will almost always be the faster option. A Ruby on Rails hosting plan can help you get the fastest development time, while also minimizing your expenditures.

The article also tells you how Ruby on Rails hosting makes it easier for you to bring web development in-house. The Ruby programming language is designed for ease of use over performance, making it convenient to learn at your own pace, even with no prior experience. The article describes the key features of Ruby that aid your learning, in addition to how the Ruby on Rails framework puts most of your application in your hands before you even begin programming. By reading the article, you will also learn how Ruby on Rails hosting can improve your productivity, even if that means learning web development basics from scratch.

In addition, RoR proactively encourages developers to use the most efficient coding possible. Methods such as Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) and Convention Over Configuration (COC) reduce the number of new lines of code necessary to create your application. In the article, you will learn more about these two concepts, in addition to how you can install Ruby on Rails add-ons, known as Gems, to add new functionality to your application.

Whatever your application, and whatever your experience, Ruby on Rails hosting is an excellent choice for faster development.

Get Ruby on Rails hosting from

Ruby on Rails is a framework developed with productivity and development speed in mind. To get the most from Ruby on Rails hosting, choose a web hosting provider that offers generous resource allocations and everything you need to make your application a pleasure to use. adds Ruby on Rails to every Linux hosting plan, including shared web hosting, Linux VPS hosting, and Linux dedicated servers. Each service is provided from a state-of-the-art data center, with accounts implemented on best in class server hardware for maximum performance and stability.

Ruby on Rails hosting from also includes MySQL databases, 24/7/365 technical support, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

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