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Whether you are a committed developer who programs new, exciting applications for businesses, or a CEO with an in-house development team or oversized outsourcing budget, one thing is for sure – creating a web application from scratch can be a time-consuming process. When a programmer is forced to start from a blank page and code every element of your vision, weeks can quickly turn into months. Worst of all, these months are expensive – not just in the cost of development hours, but also in the sheer number of customers who may turn to your competitors whose applications are already up and running.

In an attempt to minimize development time and reduce costs, many web development frameworks have appeared that provide a structure and ethos for developers to follow. In the case of programmers who code using Ruby, Ruby On Rails is a framework that makes developing an application as quick and easy as possible. offers a selection of Ruby on Rails hosting solutions across each of its Linux web hosting services, with generous allocations of system resources to guarantee great application performance. From shared hosting to virtual private server (VPS) solutions and dedicated server hosting services, can provide the robust, powerful Rails web hosting that you need to get your application online quickly.

Why Develop Your Application Using Ruby On Rails Hosting?

In just over six years, Ruby On Rails has grown to become one the world’s preferred choices for structured web application development, playing a vital role in the success of major brands such as Basecamp, Twitter, and Groupon. But why have Ruby on Rails hosting services become so incredibly popular? What are the key benefits of developing an application around the Ruby On Rails framework?

  • Structured Coding – By definition, Rails comes complete with a prefabricated notion of how your application should be structured. As a result, your code is lean, consistently responsive, and easily delivered as an API for external connections.
  • Convention Over Configuration – With this existing structure in mind, most common application features are built-in to Rails. As a result, developers can stick to conventional features and get their application finished faster.
  • Don’t Repeat Yourself – To boost application performance, Rails developers are encouraged to store their data in one, centralized, easily accessed location. This results in a faster, more enjoyable experience for your customers.
  • Community Support – Rails is popular – and with popularity comes a community of experts determined to share their knowledge. Whatever your level of experience in programming, assistance with Ruby On Rails development is just a few clicks away.

Together, these features create a programming framework that brings tangible benefits to any business. For programmers themselves, development cycles can be greatly reduced and projects completed faster, to a higher standard. For businesses looking to launch their application online, the money saved as a result of Rails development and Ruby on Rails hosting ensures a dependable return on investment (ROI).

Order A Feature-Packed Rails Hosting Plan From Today offers Ruby on Rails hosting services across every Linux web hosting solution, including Linux shared hosting, Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and Linux dedicated server hosting solutions. Even better, truly understands the way that Rails hosting works, ensuring that every service level has the system resources required to guarantee excellent application performance.

Whichever Ruby on Rails hosting service you choose, also provides every customer with 24/7/365 technical support, a generous 99.99% uptime guarantee, and an unrivalled 30-day money back promise.

For more information on Ruby On Rails hosting solutions or to order a Ruby on Rails web hosting plan, call 918-392-7870 or visit today.


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