Is ColdFusion dead?

From time to time, you can read on some websites that “ColdFusion is dead”. You will read that it’s time to switch technology to other platforms. Despite all these suggestions, ColdFusion is for sure not a “dead language.” Far from it. ColdFusion is very much alive! In this blog, we will tell you why you should choose this dynamic language for your web and mobile applications and what Hostek will offer you if you decide to switch to ColdFusion.

A short history lesson

Adobe ColdFusion was created by J.J. Allaire in 1995, so it’s easy to calculate that it is already 27 years old. It was first designed to make it easier to connect simple HTML pages to a database. After one year, in 1996, it became a complete platform. The programming language used with Adobe ColdFusion is known as CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language). Since its first release in 1995, many versions have been released, the newest being Adobe ColdFusion 2021. It came with many new features, such as Cloud Support, Containers, Serverless, and Extended Support. Every new release also brings many improvements with clear and well-planned roadmaps.

ColdFusion isn’t going anywhere

As mentioned before, ColdFusion was released in 1995, and very few technologies have managed to stay in the game for so long. It’s hard to find another language that has both a dominion server and a free, open-source server. What is more, it has at least 3 powerful frameworks. Nevertheless, questions about the future of ColdFusion are often heard. Adobe regularly releases new versions while older ones continue to get ample support (ColdFusion 2018 will be supported until 2025). As you can clearly see, ColdFusion isn’t going anywhere and is here to stay. What makes it different from other similar platforms, you will ask? Among many advantages of ColdFusion, the most important is security. No other language can supersede this platform regarding high-end security capabilities. Since it’s a tag-based scripting language (unlike other similar products), it can be used for a wide range of applications. Moreover, it offers better functionality and higher flexibility, whether your business is small or big. 70% of Fortune 100 companies actively develop applications using Adobe ColdFusion, and its active customer base is over 35,000 customers. Those are strong numbers, wouldn’t you say? 

Hostek and ColdFusion

At Hostek, we have been working with ColdFusion Developers since 2002. Thus, our team is experienced and reliable. We offer a custom-built, easy-to-use, and full-featured ColdFusion integrated Windows-based control panel (WCP). With its simplistic but robust design, most Windows or ColdFusion (CFAdmin) server management you need to do can be accomplished with the Control Panel. Furthermore, our dedicated ColdFusion team will be happy to answer all of your questions or customize your server. Among our hosting services, you will find ColdFusion VPS, ColdFusion Shared, and ColdFusion Cloud Servers. Save time, and let us handle your ColdFusion application problems for you! 

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