Hosting & Advantages You Are Probably Overlooking

Most developers have similar processes, the few who capitalize on making their processes better for themselves and their customers gain huge returns. They save time and grow their clients satisfaction. These are some of their secrets.

Websites Are Important – The Great Developers Mantra

“Almost every website, shop or blog is important to someone. There’s either contact information that needs to be read, products that need purchased or services that need provisioned. Many forget this until there’s a problem to fix – but not me.”

Happy Developer - VPS Hosting

Honoring the Setup Process – Using A Control Panel

Many designers and developers undervalue a streamlined process for setting up websites. In contrast developers who use a control panel step through the process within minutes. A hosting control panel is a must in most cases.

There will be rare cases where code is written with static paths. It’s our experience that this can be completely avoided without any overhead, but if there’s no development budget sometimes the control panel can be adjusted to accommodate.

We have extensive experience with control panels, have written our own for Windows Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting. If you use static paths we can help adjust the control panel to work for you.

Better Updates – Code and Database Optimizing

The good developers  – measured by their general familiarity with their software stack know their code. The best developers know their code and are not afraid to dig into making it better. With a few optimizations most problems with slowness can be resolved.

We recommend researching these areas and at least taking ONE next step towards a better performing website:

The Holistic Approach – Proactive & Client Focused

Many developers get stuck between hosting and support wasting hours. There are three ways to avoid this:

1. Good – Forcing what you want, using some other method (time consuming).
2. Better – Be 75% proficient with 100% of the tools and have few deadlines.
3. Best – Take a holistic approach. Combines prioritizing the customers needs, a streamlined setup process & optimizations.

Here’s how Brock Martin of INFINET DESIGN describes the process of his workflow in regards to engaging hosting for his clients.

After a new site is designed and we’re ready to start on the development portion of a project, most clients need a hosting account where we can build the site. Rather than managing our own servers or reselling services, we walk clients through their hosting needs and have them sign up directly for a recommended hosting plan at Hostek. This allows them to creating their own account, manage their own billing, and get familiar with the control panel and where to go for support. If that client needs support down the road, this makes them much more comfortable contacting Hostek directly without us having to be the middle man.

Because we have so many clients using the same host, it also makes things much simpler setting up new sites and answering questions since we use Hostek control panel(s) very often.

More about Brock Martin & his Holistic Approach:

Infinet Design - Brock Martin

Not only does he suggest Hostek which we appreciate but he goes above and beyond for Infinet Design customers by:

  • Researching problems or concerns with their website, email or hosting.
  • Communicating clearly to our support team reducing time to solve any problems.

The result is clear. Brock and Dave of INFINET DESIGN have the honor of serving highly esteemed photography focused clientele.

We Understand – The Tools & Infrastructure

For 15+ years we have helped developers by providing the tools they need to make their complicated job easier. We constantly get feedback from them so we can improve and develop new ways to solve their challenges. It’s our desire that they can:

  • Launch a website faster, and easier with the best control panel
  • Not be hindered by a disaster like disk failure
  • Not have to worry about patches and backups
  • Receive the best hosting support

If you’re looking for the best VPS Hosting or the best Shared Hosting(we think so) give us a try. We believe your customers will love you for it.

If there’s something you’re not sure if we offer, please ask by sending an email to [email protected]. If you’re a company or have a large client and need specialized help for a larger environment, consult with us at no cost. We’re familiar with RFP’s and fulfilling proposals – it’s our pleasure to help.

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