Explore the Possibilities of ColdFusion Virtual Private Server Web Hosting

Adobe ColdFusion is a powerful programming platform that allows developers to create rich Internet applications in a reliable, robust environment. From its modest beginnings as a basic interface between HTML pages and databases, ColdFusion has evolved over the years into a user-friendly, yet incredibly versatile programming language. Today, ColdFusion is a popular development tool, ideally suited for complex web applications and database-powered websites.

To be successful in today’s competitive environment, a web-based application requires more than solid design and implementation. It also needs a high-quality web hosting service, adapted to the specific requirements of the development platform and the applications it supports. Thankfully, as more and more hosting providers acknowledge the demand for ColdFusion VPS hosting services, creating an impressive ColdFusion-powered site is easier than ever before.

Improve the security of your website with ColdFusion VPS Hosting

Whatever your line of business, infrastructure security is important. From the source code that drives your applications to sensitive data such as user logins and account information, it’s your responsibility to house information in an environment where unauthorized access is not a possibility. An ideal solution for your website’s security would be a dedicated server, managed by internal personnel. But in most situations, having your own dedicated server and internal personnel to manage your dedicated server can be a costly, time-consuming endeavor that few businesses are able to commit to.

There is a solution that will give you the resources of a dedicated server without the cost of hiring an in-house team to manage your dedicated server. Virtual private server hosting services provide the solution you need by placing your website on a physical server alongside other hosted clients, but with dedicated resources and no way of transferring information from one account to another. Effectively, this partitioned approach allows you to enjoy the benefits of dedicated server hosting with greatly reduced costs.

A ColdFusion VPS Hosting plan means guaranteed uptime

If your hosting suffers from downtime or reliability issues in terms of speed, you could potentially be missing hundreds, even thousands of visitors every time the server is offline. If even a few of these visitors were to turn into customers, the money lost from unreliable web hosting may add up to a significant amount.

With Windows VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting, server resources are allocated on a per account basis, ensuring that adequate power is available for your web applications at all times. VPS solutions are superior to standard shared hosting plans, where sharing a machine with a particularly popular website could have a negative effect on your success.

Hostek.com offers reliable ColdFusion virtual private server hosting through our innovative cloud hosting infrastructure. Having your applications and websites safely stored ‘in the cloud’ means your server will remain online at all times.

ColdFusion VPS Hosting Services – the possibilities are unlimited

The popularity of ColdFusion as a platform and language is a testament to its power, where the type of innovative web applications or dynamic, creative websites you can build and deploy is limited only by your own imagination. Whatever your business needs to create and provide to your customers, ColdFusion makes it possible.

Benefit now from the outstanding ColdFusion VPS hosting services from Hostek.com at the most affordable prices available. Improve the reliability of your ColdFusion application by hosting it in a robust, secure environment that has been designed from the ground up with ColdFusion compatibility in mind.

Order a ColdFusion VPS hosting plan today by calling 918-392-7870 or visit www.hostek.com to discover the combined power of ColdFusion and VPS hosting.

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