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A ColdFusion Server: A Marketing Gimmick Or A Huge Opportunity?

ColdFusion is often overlooked as an option in the server arena. It may be due to its name sounding like a virus you’d get from a dubious website or because some people still think it is dated technology. But for those willing to look past their initial impressions, ColdFusion is well worth further investigation. Here’s a guide to help you decide if using a ColdFusion server for your next project is a marketing gimmick or a huge opportunity.  For those who are unaware of ColdFusion, let’s start with the basics.  What is a ColdFusion?  ColdFusion is a rapid application development...
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Disaster Recovery 101 – Fully Automated

The Unexpected How long can your business survive without an online presence? How much money is lost every minute your site(s) are down? These are questions every business should be asking. If you don’t think the unexpected could happen, just look what COVID19 did. While that didn’t negatively impact the Cloud, its the most recent example of how easy our lives can be turned upside down. Between natural disasters, man-made ones, major internet failures, and many other reasons why your site(s) might catastrophically fail, it’s really only a matter of time before your number is up. The Plan At Hostek,...
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Cloud Security 101: The Building Blocks

Cloud security 101

Block1: Admit you have a Problem. If someone asked you, “How do you know your server’s aren’t being exploited, right now?”. How would you respond? The truth is, most businesses don’t even find out until after the major credit card processors have called. Hundreds of credit cards making fraud purchases that were all tracked back to one business. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t like that feeling, knowing I was contributing to an underground criminal ring. These credit card processors can virtually shut you down, stopping all payments until you can prove to them the situation has been...
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Moving Your Server to the Cloud

Why Should You Move Servers to the Cloud?

Why Should You Move Servers to the Cloud? A few years ago, the above headline would have been the right question to ask. Now, you should ask yourselves when to move your servers to the cloud, not why. Your old servers are a burden to your business development and replacement is costly, to say the least. Today’s business applications and enterprise software require computing power and data storage characteristics a few businesses outside the league of multinationals can truly afford. That is why moving server loads to the cloud is inevitable and we can tell you why. Centralized vs Fragmented...
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