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2015 – Success or Failure?

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2015 Goals This is the perfect time at the end of 2015 to really define your goals. Likely this will be a combination of business and personal goals. Write down your goals. I know you have heard that before, but most still don’t. Revisit your goals each quarter or more frequently. Writing them down and forgetting about them will not get them accomplished. I’ll share a couple of my 2015 goals from early January, 2015. Determine if personal assistant needed and hire if so. Streamline our product offering and eliminate anything that wasted our resources or did not fit our core...
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Becoming A Developer With Purpose Greater Than Money

This is a Flashback Friday mashup. Supporting your stack and approaching development with a purpose greater than money. This might sound like an appeal to create for your favorite charity. But it’s not. We’re talking about the ethereal experience when how you do things is buzzing nicely. Tools, Tricks & Hack Your Way Happy The first time I saw someone using emacs (a living text editor) my heart skipped a beat. Did I learn how to use it? No. But it looked unreal when used by a knowledgeable developer. The same thing happened with Vim, and lately markdown (text styling) and Sublime...
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Factoring In Growth To Cloud Hosting Plans

Unless you’re required to use an ensemble of unique services to power your app, planning for scale doesn’t have to be complicated. But without understanding the options available with the development tools you’re using there’s questions: What “easy” options exist to accommodate growth? What happens when “easy” options aren’t enough? For occasional tasks that are cpu intensive, is it beneficial to scale up and back down? Are there structural tweaks that could resolve complications from rapid growth? Prepare To Discuss Scaling Your App The first step to understanding the possibilities is discovering potentials that already exist. These are features of your...
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What You Must Know About Best Value Cloud Hosting Before 2016

Yesterday we transitioned a customer from an existing hosting provider that was bought out. I won’t mention the hosting provider to protect them from embarrassment. Since the new company took over, uptime for him was spotty. Yesterday it was 4 hours of downtime – he wasn’t thrilled and moved quickly to find a better home for his websites. Changes in the Cloud Hosting services industry could put you at the same risk. Learn what a leading industry analyst says you should be doing to protect yourself. Future Considerations For Cloud Hosting Servers and Websites During a Gartner Conference, VP/Distinguished Analyst Lydia Leong presented...
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