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The Financial Impact Of A cPanel Hosting Plan For Your Business

From shared hosting to virtual private server (VPS) hosting, there are many big decisions to be made in finding a web server that will generate a large return on investment for your company. But when you are balancing the reliability and affordability of each of these plans against each other, are you also considering the more specific details that can have a very real impact on your ability to make a healthy profit? The individual features that make up your web hosting plan are equally as important as the overall hosting ‘type’ that you choose. One influential factor in your...
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Should You Consider Becoming a Windows Hosting Reseller?

There is no doubt that we live in the age of the Internet. More than ever before, the Web is reshaping the way we live, connecting us in a hugely complex network of online presences and enriching our careers and personal lives. The vast Internet ecosystem also offers countless business opportunities that just wait to be seized by a daring entrepreneur. From web design and development to online marketing, visionary entrepreneurs can build lucrative Internet businesses in many ways. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to restrict your activities to a single area. By offering a Windows reseller hosting solution to...
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When to Upgrade to Dedicated Server Hosting

If you have a goal to expand your business online, have a large amount of dynamic web content or host numerous websites, there may come a time when a traditional shared hosting plan or a VPS plan will no longer be enough and you’ll need to switch to a dedicated server. Running a large-scale online business or a high traffic website requires powerful resources and flexibility that only a dedicated server can give you. Regardless of how fast you are expecting your website or business to grow, dedicated servers are always the most efficient and reliable solution for your online needs. But before you make...
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