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Physical Servers to Virtual Servers – Are you waiting too?

Should have moved to the cloud before my server crashed.

Are you waiting like Dan? Dan is a real life individual.¬† I’ll leave the last name off ūüôā Several months ago Dan contacted us about his server situation.¬† Dan has a few servers in his local office that are getting older and he is considering moving to a Cloud hosting environment. Dan waited… Then… one day Dan had a server crash and he called us frantically, wanting to get him and his clients moved to the cloud ASAP.¬† In the end, Dan was thrilled that we were able to quickly get him a production ready server online and he was...
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Bank vs. Credit Union for your Business

Today I want to write about something somewhat non hosting related.¬† Dealing with the business side of a growing company has its share of challenges and rewards alike.¬† I want to share our experience with Banks and Credit Unions from a business perspective in case it will help someone in the future. Hosting providers utilize a lot of server related hardware.¬† Many hosts choose to lease this equipment, which lets them say they don’t have any debt.¬† At on the other hand, about 15 years ago chose to buy our equipment instead of leasing.¬† Arguments can be made for...
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What Makes Gartner So Good?

Gartner Vendor Briefing Hostek - On VPS Hosting Services

What is Gartner? How do they develop the Gartner Magic Quadrant? This can be somewhat of a mystery. Businesses covet to be included¬†on their trusted annual report. We will share what we have learned from becoming a partner. Why trust a Gartner Analyst? Companies need a trusted source for products that are “best” in the market. They use Gartner for this. To gain the¬†wealth of¬†expertise from their¬†collective knowledge.¬† Hostek is now also working with Gartner. We presented ourselves to the Analyst in our market¬†Douglas Toombs¬†team as part of the on boarding process. Gartner provides valuable feedback to¬†partners! First off, when...
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10 Ways To Make WordPress Faster

You can make WordPress faster and there are some good reasons to. We can’t overstate the importance of speedy websites – we recently shared on improving website speed, and well kept webpages. Here’s some interesting stats about time impact of slow web pages: Microsoft Found “A two second delay in response time for Bing, reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, resulted in 4.3% less revenue per user.” A Report By LoadStorm Confirms One second delay in your website load time means 7% less conversions, 11% fewer page views and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. & Google counts poor performance against you....
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