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The ColdFusion programming framework offers developers the power, flexibility, and accessibility they need to create modern web applications that let users interact and participate. The success of a ColdFusion web application or website depends greatly on the quality of its design and implementation, but it also depends on the server where the site or application is hosted.

As ColdFusion becomes more popular, the demand for robust ColdFusion hosting services grows, opening up business opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs. Realizing the great potential of the ColdFusion reseller web hosting niche, business owners and professionals are racing to enter this lucrative market. With this growing competition, it’s important to offer the best possible services to your customers, while keeping your expenditures at a minimum.

One method of saving time and money is to implement automation tools. In a recently published article, Put your Business on Autopilot with ColdFusion Reseller Hosting Automation Tools, learn how enables you to automate many tasks involved in ColdFusion reseller web hosting and shows you how business automation improves the quality of your services and eventually, your bottom line.

Use a hosting management tool and improve the way you run your ColdFusion reseller hosting business

The days when you could successfully manage a hosting business with just a few spreadsheets are long gone. With today’s aggressive competition, it’s vital to get a clear picture over your business, while keeping track of the small details that make the difference between the winner and the runner up. One way to achieve better control is to use a specialized web hosting management application, such as ClientExec and WHMCS.

With the right web hosting management tool, you can create a comprehensive customer information database, provide technical and functional support, and even issue invoices and keep track of billing. ClientExec even lets you communicate with your team members, simplifying team work and improving the way information is shared within your company. offers ColdFusion reseller hosting solutions that are fully integrated with ClientExec and WHMCS

If you use ClientExec or WHMCS, lets you integrate your ColdFusion reseller web hosting control panel with the client management tool. By adding a free plug-in provided by to the hosting management application, you can automate the tasks of account provisioning, domain registration or email account creation.

With the integrated solutions provided by, you can automate many of the tedious tasks that would otherwise consume a lot of your time. Additionally, you get preferential access to domain registering services and can purchase domains at discounted prices through’s partners. After you register a domain for your customers, you can just forward the email you received from the registrar, and save some additional time.

Get the most affordable ColdFusion reseller web hosting services from is dedicated to helping you take the first steps towards a thriving business in the hosting industry. By choosing an affordable ColdFusion reseller web hosting plan from, you benefit from years of experience in web hosting and a commitment to excellence from the team. For a low flat monthly fee, you get powerful hosting hardware resources, running ColdFusion 9 (or ColdFusion 8 if required). offers you dedicated control panels that can be integrated with popular reseller hosting applications, allowing you to save precious time and increase efficiency. You can even control the appearance of the management tools and documents and apply your own visual identity to improve brand awareness among your customers.

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