Take Advantage of Increased Performance and Higher Resource Availability with Hostek.com’s ColdFusion 9 Shared Dedicated Hosting

Adobe ColdFusion 9 is one of the fastest and most comprehensive frameworks to build and deploy dynamic websites and robust Internet applications. With dozens of powerful features and capabilities, ColdFusion 9 increases developer productivity and offers a new level of functionality including improved PDF integration, printable web content, Flex capabilities, built-in image manipulation, AJAX web forms, and the ability to use .Net objects.

If you want to take full advantage of all the great features and powerful tools available with ColdFusion 9, Hostek.com offers a variety of ColdFusion 9 web hosting solutions to suite your business or personal hosting needs. For large and growing websites that require a high amount of server resources to run more advanced and resource consuming applications, Hostek.com features ColdFusion 9 dedicated server hosting and ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated web hosting services.

In Hostek.com’s recently published article, Allow your Growing Website to Increase Performance with ColdFusion Shared Dedicated Hosting, you will learn what shared dedicated hosting is, the key advantages of ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting, and how to get maximum power and performance with ColdFusion dedicated server hosting.

When to consider ColdFusion 9 dedicated web hosting

ColdFusion 9 dedicated hosting solutions are ideal for larger businesses and high capacity websites requiring complete control of server usage and full system resources dedicated exclusively to their website needs. A ColdFusion 9 dedicated hosting account provides you with special features and powerful capabilities, allowing for total flexibility to configure and set up your ColdFusion 9 dedicated server according to your specific preferences.

With a ColdFusion 9 dedicated hosting account, you will have exclusive rights to the server’s disk space, bandwidth and RAM, and your site’s performance will not be affected by traffic and usage patterns of other customers.

Dedicated ColdFusion 9 servers are usually far more expensive than shared or VPS servers and it may be too costly to use a dedicated server for small to medium sized businesses and non commercial websites. If you need more power and server resources, but are not ready for a fully dedicated ColdFusion 9 server, Hostek.com’s ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting plans provide a reliable and cost-effective hosting option for those looking for an in-between solution.

When to consider ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated web hosting

If your website has acquired a considerable online presence and needs more server resources with a lower ratio of accounts per server, ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated hosting could be the best solution for you. Ideal for medium-to-high traffic websites, ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated web hosting allows you the power and speed of a dedicated server, but at a much lower monthly cost. Hostek.com’s ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated server hosting plan allows you to share a server with a limited number of customers and gives you room to grow before investing in a dedicated hosting plan.

With Hostek.com’s ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated web hosting plan, you can enjoy all the same benefits of a ColdFusion 9 dedicated hosting server including increased performance and ample server resources. A powerful CPU and 2 GB of RAM gives you faster load times, more freedom over the types of applications you can run, and quicker database access. And since there’s a limited number of accounts per server, your website will not be affected by the activities of other websites hosted on the same server.

Hostek.com’s ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated web hosting is one of the most secure, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for the hosting needs of growing websites and online businesses.

Get started with a Hostek.com ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated hosting plan

Save on monthly expenses by investing in a Hostek.com ColdFusion 9 shared dedicated hosting plan. At a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server, you get serious CPU power, a generous bandwidth allowance, and 2 GB RAM assigned to your website alone. And you will enjoy dedicated server-like performance without the hassle of having to maintain a server.

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