Why do you need a Security Audit?

Website Security Audit

Why is it essential to have a security audit for your website?

A web security audit checks a website for any security weaknesses that hackers could exploit. It is essential to maintain secure business data by protecting it from cyber threats such as data breaches, leaks, and criminals.

Cybercrime is estimated to be a trillion-dollar industry and is projected only in 2023. 51% of organizations have reported that they are not ready to handle a cyber-attack, according to Finance Online.com. Ensuring your website’s infrastructure effectively protects your data is essential to keeping your website and business out of the alarming statistics. A security audit should be conducted to ensure this.

How does it work? Well, the audit works in two steps.

First step: is an automated scan of your website and database.

Second step: depends on the information from the scan. If a potential or active threat is found, then a test called the penetration test may follow.

A penetration test is a stimulated cyber-attack to find security vulnerabilities within your website.

Once the audit is complete, you can use the information to develop a strategy for your website to prevent hazards that can impact your business or reputation.

Who should get one?

Any website dealing with sensitive data (e.g., credit cards, personal info) must do a security review, even with encryption. It is essential to guarantee that any new software, app, data masking approach, etc., on your webpage, works correctly to safeguard your data. Despite security measures, unauthorized access and personal data remain vulnerable, even when encrypted.

One of the most significant areas of concern is web application security. A study from Positive Technologies found that one out of five vulnerabilities had a high severity level. That means if criminals hack your website, it will significantly impact your website and its security.

That is why conducting an audit is vital to protecting your website. Consulting with a specialist can help determine the most suitable security audit for your website and its data.

security audit for your website

How often is it recommended?

The standard recommendation for security audits is once every year. But depending on your business industry, audits may occur quarterly. Specific industries require periodic audits to ensure compliance with governmental laws such as financial and medical.

Regular audits can reduce the stress of potential hacks by verifying that the current security measures are working. It can also uncover new threats identified in the previous audit. Ensuring the proper function of any new software, application, data masking technique, etc., on your website is crucial for protecting your data.

Where to find a security audit?

Hostek provides a special audit to its customers; we offer a free consultation to discuss your vulnerabilities, security needs, and concerns.

As Hostek clients, we can access your web servers directly, allowing us to analyze and assess potential vulnerabilities. We incorporate basic and in-depth penetration testing that other security companies provide that way. We provide various plans and costs to suit any budget. Schedule a free consultation with a rep to identify the best plan for your site.

What’s included with our advance audit:

Examinations from experts ensure that all types of your data securities are covered.

  • Network Security Engineer
  • Application Security Engineer whose focus is on identifying issues with web application vulnerability and security such as ColdFusion, WordPress, and other applications.
  • Database Engineer who focuses on SQL and MYSQL

We also investigate your viewer and logging history with experts to ensure your website has accurate records.


Security auditing is crucial to ensuring your business is protected from hackers and should be done yearly. Audit benefits any company or website and is not limited by niche. In today’s quickly growing internet landscape, protecting your business from hackers is vital. So, schedule a Hostek representative for a free consultation. The benefits are limitless.