What You Must Know About Best Value Cloud Hosting Before 2016

Yesterday we transitioned a customer from an existing hosting provider that was bought out. I won’t mention the hosting provider to protect them from embarrassment. Since the new company took over, uptime for him was spotty. Yesterday it was 4 hours of downtime – he wasn’t thrilled and moved quickly to find a better home for his websites.

Changes in the Cloud Hosting services industry could put you at the same risk. Learn what a leading industry analyst says you should be doing to protect yourself.

Future Considerations For Cloud Hosting Servers and Websites

Cloud Hosting Risk

During a Gartner Conference, VP/Distinguished Analyst Lydia Leong presented on Cloud trends for IaaS – and hinted that smaller less strategic cloud providers were in many cases moving away from offering Cloud Based services. 

It’s difficult to stay competitive in the Cloud services market, because of cost. She suggests discussing with the providers you engage for Cloud Services about their future plans. Specifically if you depend on a provider for a service, find out what their road map is and how soon they will notify you if they choose to discontinue that service.

Providing hosting service isn’t something Hostek just started to do, it’s what we have done and will continue doing for years. Our customers can be secure knowing that we will continue to deliver the same great services for years to come.

Utilize The Entire Cloud Hosting Stack For Best Value

To differentiate themselves in a growing market, providers had to develop additional services and ways to assist IT and Development teams. It is a huge commitment for a company to move from doing things the way they always had – without a tradeoff.

These are “Value Added” services offered by most hosting providers today for example “Managed Hosting”. Substantial benefits could be realized when fully using the tools and other features available through their primary provider.

When our customers begin utilizing the tools and services we build to make their lives easier their productivity is maximized. These features (a few listed below) however don’t cost more they are built right into our VPS pricing and plans.

  • Control panel
  • Automated backups
  • Managed DNS (with DDOS Protection from CloudFlare)

We believe this is a best value VPS offering. Using them will substantially increase the value they provide as a hosted service.

Hostek will continue to move towards expanding both our performance and features. We want to make customers aware of the new things we’re doing and recently released updates to our Windows VPS control panel.

We want to be the strategic partner and best value hosting provider that businesses need in 2016. This is a great time to plan for your hosting success.

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