What Makes Good Cloud VPS Hosting Maintenance?

One of the most appealing things about cloud hosting is its ease of use. Even though the underlying infrastructure that supports your virtual private server is “in the cloud,” the server of a cloud VPS hosting plan behaves just like a server in any other VPS hosting plan. At the same time, cloud VPS hosting delivers unique benefits in terms of performance and uptime, without adding to your workload.

Good Cloud VPS Hosting Maintenance

But a cloud infrastructure is complex. Although your workload does not change when you switch to a cloud VPS hosting plan, your hosting provider should spend time and resources on establishing a robust cloud network and, most importantly, maintaining the network long-term.

Without the right maintenance, the performance of your cloud VPS hosting will suffer, resulting in a substandard experience for your website visitors and users. In some cases, a lack of maintenance can result in your website going completely offline.

Read on to learn about the cloud maintenance your hosting provider should include as part of your service, and how good maintenance keeps your virtual server online and ultra-fast.

A cloud VPS hosting infrastructure is dynamic and rapidly changing

Designing and implementing a cloud infrastructure is hard work. It takes years of expertise to understand how the cloud works and how the computing power of multiple hardware servers can be combined to make a vast pool of resources. But even once a high-availability cloud infrastructure is in place, it needs to be constantly analyzed and assessed to maintain good performance.

To make sure your cloud VPS hosting plan continues to perform well, your hosting provider should continually monitor the network. By checking the status of every device on a regular basis, issues can be identified before they escalate into more serious problems.

In addition to primary devices, including web servers, switches, and routers, a hosting company should benchmark the performance of redundant devices and backup systems. Without these checks, the condition of redundant hardware only becomes apparent when primary hardware fails. By that time, the consequences could be disastrous for your business.

Typically, cloud maintenance responds to changes in the network itself. As users demand more hardware power and software becomes outdated, a hosting provider must remain one step ahead. But the wider Web changes too, particularly in the field of security. As attackers develop more sophisticated ways to access your sensitive data or impair the performance of your VPS hosting services, cloud maintenance should include patches for core software and updates to security databases.

If you find a cloud VPS hosting provider that offers the services you need, check that they can also offer the maintenance it takes to keep your website online for the long-term.

Cloud VPS hosting with expert maintenance from Hostek.com

At Hostek.com, we have established a reputation for reliable, dependable hosting with the best customer service in the industry. With our cloud infrastructure, you can expect the same professional standard of hosting we have become renowned for.

Hostek.com cloud VPS hosting plans include Windows and Linux virtual servers and ColdFusion and Railo solutions for web developers and businesses that use dynamic web applications. The entire VPS range is hosted on the Hostek.com high-availability cloud, an infrastructure designed for scalability, reliability, and consistent performance.

In addition, Hostek.com offers expert cloud maintenance, with routine checks across the entire network, regular software updates, and proactive monitoring to identify potential issues fast. As a result, cloud VPS hosting from Hostek.com comes complete with a 99.999% network uptime service level agreement, assuring you that your website will always be online.

Cloud VPS hosting plans from Hostek.com also include 24/7/365 technical support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

For more information on Hostek.com cloud VPS hosting plans, call 918-392-7870 or visit hostek.com today.

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