What is VPS Hosting And Does Your Business Need One

What is VPS hosting? Why does your business website need a dedicated server? 

One of the most crucial decisions when running your website is choosing the right hosting plan and the type of hosting service you wish to use.

But in the web hosting space, there are plenty of options to choose from, and VPS hosting is one of the most common ones.

Why? The reason is simple: it serves many purposes and sits right in the middle of the pack, providing a superb value for money for scaling businesses that want dedicated resources without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we’ll see what VPS web hosting is, see how it works, mention some of its key benefits, and compare it with other popular hosting plans to help you decide if your website needs one.

What is VPS hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (or a VPS) is among the most popular hosting options out there. The VPS is a service that allows you to use dedicated resources. So, instead of renting a dedicated server, VPS hosting plans let you “borrow” a portion of the resources that will satisfy your needs, thus getting the best balance from shared and dedicated servers.

To better imagine VPS hostings, we can draw an analogy between VPS resources and french fries buckets. If you leave a bucket of french fries in front of 10 people, some of them could eat more than others until the bucket is empty. But if you split the french fries into separate dishes, it will result in everyone being able to eat their own fries without worrying about others eating the fries first.

How does VPS hosting work? 

With virtual private server hosting, you can use cloud computing to split a single physical machine – and its CPU processing, RAM, storage, and network ports – into multiple virtual environments that share resources. Each environment shares resources with that of the others but has its own dedicated base operating system instance, which eliminates occasional performance problems involved in most shared hostings.

8 Benefits of using a VPS for your website

A virtual private server can offer many benefits, including increased flexibility and scalability. Having a VPS at your disposal allows you to tailor your server environment to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to run a simple web server or a more complex application, a VPS can give you the resources you need to do the job without going the distance and getting a dedicated server.

1. Steady performance

Steady server performance is important for your everyday routine, especially if you’re a growing business that gets more and more visitors. You would like to have high speeds, regardless of the traffic you receive, and you wish to be independent of others – that’s all about VPS hosting solutions.

2. Cloud-based

Cloud services reached $408.6 Billion in 2021. Does it surprise anyone? VPS servers have many advantages over traditional, on-premises servers. One big advantage is that they are based in the cloud, which means you can operate them from anywhere in the world. This gives you much more flexibility and opens up new possibilities for your business.

3. Increased Security

VPS resides in the cloud, meaning you’ll have a way more secure server than a traditional on-premise one. All files in the cloud are encrypted, but there are other reasons, too – the best VPS hosting companies like Hostek hire the best available talent, and we also update our hardware equipment and software patches regularly and according to the best industry practices.

4. Scalability

Scalability is a very serious reason to upgrade to virtual private hosting, especially if you’re a developing business. The more your website traffic grows, the more resources you would demand – and VPS hostings can match the demand by offering additional resources almost immediately.

5. More storage

If you’re using a lot of storage because you have an extensive database, that might affect your available storage space, but it could also drag down your available bandwidth and make your website slower. Opting for VPS hosting might help you get much more storage for your website and ensure you won’t run out of free space.

6. Increased reliability 

Shared resources are good for beginners, but if you want to the things to the next level, consider stepping up your game. On top of that, disasters could happen at the worst possible time. A VPS hosting guarantees dedicated resources that are not shared with others, and Servers are also managed by professionals who usually ensure more than 99.9% uptime. At Hostek, we can guarantee you 99.999% uptime!

7. Expert support

Having a VPS hosting means you will have to pick a hosting company. Pairing with experts, you will have reliable professionals with plenty of experience at your disposal who can resolve your issues promptly. At Hostek, you receive 24/7 US-based technical support that can fix your queries in no time.

8. Great value for money 

Having a VPS hosting means you would get an excellent package for a fraction of the price of a dedicated server. At the same time, you won’t have to pay for a dedicated server or purchase equipment that you should also maintain. With a VPS, all you pay is the monthly (or annual) subscription, and you leave everything else to your hosting provider.

VPS vs Shared Hosting 

Using a standard shared hosting is cheaper than having VPS hosting since the server costs are split between all paying customers, which might be many. But there are two big differences:

  1. Isolated resources – while shared hosting and VPS hosting both can have multiple server users, getting VPS hosting means you will have dedicated resources that cannot be accessed by others.
  2. VPS is customizable – shared hostings are made to be very straightforward, cheap, and beginner-friendly. That’s why they come in ready-made packages. However, using a virtual private server lets you set it up the way you want.

VPS vs Dedicated server

A dedicated server is arguably the best option you have available. Since you don’t share resources with anyone, it comes up with the highest security possible, highest speeds, and fastest performance. However, it requires much more technical knowledge than a VPS, which could be tackled with managed hosting solutions. But it’s also a lot pricier since all infrastructure costs are covered by you.

Do I need VPS hosting?

It’s safe to say that businesses of all kinds can successfully implement virtual private server hostings and do well. Still, there are some cases where using VPS hostings is a perfect choice:

  • A mid-sized business – if your website (or websites) generate a lot of daily traffic, then upgrading from shared hosting to a VPS makes good sense. You can easily accommodate up to 40-50 thousand unique visitors without sacrificing performance.
  • WordPress website – if you have a WordPress website with good traffic, then you might consider subscribing to VPS hosting. At Hostek, we can offer you dedicated WordPress VPS hosting plans.
  • Multiple websites – if you have many websites, you might make good use of VPS hostings which will let you spread the resources the way you want.

Final words

Over the years, virtual private servers have delivered exceptional quality for a great price. Sharing a server while not sacrificing resources is one of the main motives that mid-sized businesses can greatly benefit from VPS hosting. And while a dedicated server will always come superior, the price tag associated isn’t financially sound in some cases.

But if you don’t know if VPS hosting will be the best option out of all website hosting choices, you can always schedule a call with a member of Hostek’s team, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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