Unleash the Power of ColdFusion with ColdFusion Shared Dedicated Hosting

If a regular ColdFusion shared hosting service does not offer enough power or flexibility for your website and you are not ready for your own dedicated server, consider using ColdFusion shared dedicated web hosting. Shared dedicated hosting fills the gap between shared hosting and dedicated servers by providing a managed, dedicated server-like environment without the hassle of having to maintain a server and the expenses involved with maintaining a dedicated server.

While ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting plans are similar to regular shared hosting plans, where you share server hardware with other customers, shared dedicated web hosting services provide you with more disk space and higher resource availability. Additionally, with dedicated ColdFusion shared hosting, there are a limited number of accounts per server, which significantly reduces the risk of issues typically associated with shared web hosting services.

And with fewer accounts per ColdFusion shared dedicated server, you get a more robust, secure, high performing hosting environment for your website.

Abundant server resources available with ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting

ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting is an extremely powerful and cost-effective way for webmasters and web developers to leverage all the great features of ColdFusion for powering their demanding websites and Internet applications. At a fraction of the cost of a fully dedicated web hosting solution, ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting plans provide greater security, higher application speeds and maximum performance for the websites and applications hosted on your ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting plan.

A ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting account offers more server space, bandwidth, and CPU resources. Some scripts and applications can be resource-intensive and many web hosts have limitations on use of such scripts. If you need more server resources for running your demanding websites and resource-intensive applications, upgrading to a dedicated ColdFusion shared web hosting account can give you everything you need to successfully run your websites and applications.

With an ample amount of bandwidth, disk space, and server resources available with every ColdFusion dedicated shared web hosting plan at Hostek.com, dedicated ColdFusion hosting is an ideal way to increase your business performance and establish a strong online presence.

Enjoy higher resource availability with a ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting account from Hostek.com

Hostek.com offers a secure and reliable ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting service with plenty of room to grow. With more than enough disk space and bandwidth for your website, 99.99% uptime and 24/7/365 expert customer support, you never have to worry about your website’s security and availability.

Hostek.com offers you the same features of our normal ColdFusion hosting offerings plus:

  • Dedicated server-like performance at an affordable price.
  • Increased disk space allowance.
  • Increased MS SQL 2008 database.
  • OpenOffice Integration with ColdFusion 9.

Our ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting services give you maximum speed, power, security, and performance for all your web hosting needs.

Order your ColdFusion shared dedicated hosting plan now or visit www.hostek.com for more information on our shared dedicated hosting solutions.