Three Great Scripts to Install on Your ASP Hosting Plan

Although Microsoft ASP hosting is the ideal platform for web developers, not everybody who uses an ASP web hosting service wants to create their applications by hand. In fact, many webmasters are simply looking to get started with ready-made ASP-based scripts for content management, ecommerce, and discussion.

To help you get your fully-functional website up and running as quickly as possible, here are three great applications you can install right now on your ASP hosting service. Each script is available free of charge, adding exciting new functionality to your site without increasing your expenses.

1. ASP Content Management – Keep your website pages organized

The first step to developing a successful web presence is creating quality content that informs visitors about what you have to offer. Whether you run an online extension of your offline business or a magazine-style website, working with HTML files is an inefficient, time-consuming way of creating new content. In addition, it will become increasingly difficult to organize, track, and edit your content as the size of your website increases.

ASP Content Management is a content management system (CMS) that makes working with pages on your ASP hosting plan easy. After installing the application, you can use a browser-based WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface to create new pages, design your layout, and even upload images to include in your content. All content you create is stored in a database format, giving you the opportunity to back up your website in a single, self-contained file.

2. Web Wiz Forums – A message board for your ASP website

Once you have created your website content, you will be on your way to attracting new visitors. The next step in any successful web presence is to keep those visitors coming back for more. After all, the more visits a potential customer makes to your website, the more opportunities you have to convert them. A forum or discussion board is an effective way to create a community around your business, while also improving your search engine rank with user-generated content.

Web Wiz Forums is an ASP-powered forum application with an impressive array of features. These include the standard functionality of a forum, including sub-forums, private messaging, RSS feeds, and even a mobile-optimized version for use on smartphones. Web Wiz Forums is available in two forms: customers can select from the free Express Edition or purchase the fully featured edition for even more flexibility. Whichever version you choose, Web Wiz Forums is a fast, responsive, and reliable way to start a discussion on your website.

3. Comersus Free Shopping Cart – An ecommerce platform for ASP hosting services

A website full of quality content is good, and a website with a discussion board is better. But a website that can also generate revenue is best of all. To show visitors the products you supply and allow them to place orders, you will need a robust ecommerce platform.

Comersus Free Shopping Cart is used by major companies, including a division of Disney, and offers a control panel and storefront in one convenient package. Comersus has been refined and improved over the course of ten years, making it a dependable and feature-packed solution. As with Web Wiz Forums, you can choose from a free “Lite” version, or pay a small charge for the full ecommerce system.

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ASP is a language capable of handling even the most advanced applications, and these are just three scripts we recommend to customers. ASP hosting services are designed with performance and stability in mind to support whichever scripts you decide to install.

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